The Hero Hartmut wipeout
Jul 26, 06 4:30am
Well, that's a nice find. Cheers for the guestbook signing. I have this strange affliction that, whenever someone signs my guestbook, I'm just compelled to return the favour. Funny, no? Well, due to my sucky ability in stamp-making, I'll supply you with this instead:

And I believe I'll take you up on that neofriend offer...

Well, see ya 'round, maybe...
metafor wipeout
Oct 13, 05 12:18pm
Thanks for contributing with my cause. Because of your thoughtful gesture, poor chalupas won't go without some jalapeño sauce and a soda.

Just Kidding.

I just wanted to thank you for signing my guestbook. I would have signed sooner, but I seldom check my guestbook. I hope we can become friends or buddies.

PM me if you wanna talk.

PhantasyHawk9073 wipeout
Oct 09, 05 10:39am
Thanks for the sign ^.^
I'm just here returning the favor...
la la la la character limit
Have I hit it yet?
La dee doo dee dum
Hey cool I hit 70 hours in Counter Strike
La la la la...
Saint someone wipeout
Oct 05, 05 8:22am
Hey,thanks for signing my gb.Sure I can sign back,

See you around Neo,now I need to keep talking so that I can reply this.lolz
ZhaoYunX wipeout
Oct 05, 05 8:22am
thnx for signing, even though it was cuz i "crossed ur path" anyway

wat a sight...

have fun

black ied peas wipeout
Oct 04, 05 7:20pm
Your GB is low on stamps for someone with a status of over 1k posts so heres a stamp^_^Hope you like One Piece^_^

Hope you like it^_^
LGreen wipeout
Mar 12, 04 1:00am
hello Im lindzi and guess what Im bored again! Blah blah balh... opps just tryin to meet the 125 charcter minuim! Hmmm wonder if theres a maximum.
See you around
Agua wipeout
Mar 02, 04 10:00pm
I made a stamp. I'll use it. i'm bored. Nothin else to do.

Nabooru wipeout
Oct 11, 03 9:04am

During the day I lay and slumber,
During the night I sit and wonder,
"What will happen if I go astray,
from the path burning with the light of day?"
"What will I see, what will I do?
When the light goes astray from that path it will be my que"
"Fear surrounds the shadows that grow darker around me,
Light surrounds the wounds that ground me..."
"But what fear or wound could ever still this last defiant cry?"
As I stand against the shadow, neath` the endless burning sky...
TheButcher99999 wipeout
Aug 30, 03 3:44am
hi there i though i would sign ur guest book cos i have nothing else to do, need more characters that should be enuff!
The Spider wipeout
Aug 12, 03 6:43pm
I can't stop looking at your picture but anyway thanks for signing my G.Book and I do hope to see you around Neoseeker!

okumsup wipeout
Apr 13, 03 1:20am
No....... no something, you signed my guestbook so i have no chocie but to hit you in the head with a smiliieieie :D:D:D there your dead, you got a cool diddykong guy on your avatar, now, uhh, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. goodbye, okilie dokile
Darkninja13713 wipeout
Apr 02, 03 11:49am
you signed mine so i thought i would sign urs even thorugh i took so long. i just don't check my guestbook that much. but i just wanted to say hi and maybe i'll c u around.
ZombiemanGnorc2065 wipeout
Jan 22, 03 4:33pm
Hi,decided to sign your guestbook for no reason just to be nice, also can you help me? If you completed spyro 1, your perfect, Just go to the Spyro The Dragon forum and look for PLEASE HELP!!!!! by GnastyGnorc(meeeee!!!) and answer it.Thanks if you do!!!
See ya!(I'm new here)
henni wipeout
Dec 22, 02 6:40pm
hya, just thought i'd sign your guestbook, its quite full- are all these people your neofriends? if so you must be quite popular!
DeathKnight wipeout
Dec 16, 02 11:31am
hey you signed mine so i'll sign yours. thanx for you welcome into the SSB forum and i'll probably see you around there more.
Weird Al Fan wipeout
Nov 19, 02 1:33pm
Well, you wanted me to sign your guestbook, so I guess I will. Hi, Bye, gotta get to bed.
Seriously, though. I wouldn't just leave you like that, now, would I? Of COURSE NOT!

Your Avatar's pretty good, and so's your sig.
TheAtarisJJ wipeout
Nov 17, 02 9:58am
hey i have seen you alot and you have made a lot of posts in the SSB forum. Could you do me a favor and please sign my guestbook too?
super sonic ultra wipeout
Nov 14, 02 4:25am
hey thanks for signing my guestbook! Not many people have signed it yet. thanks again and happy seeking!
Master Dan wipeout
Nov 04, 02 9:54pm
Interesting way to sign my guestbook, so...

There you go!
Fladingomon wipeout
Apr 06, 02 8:45am
y did u choose wipeout for a name? ok nm bye and see ya on the forums

heres some jibbrish for your enjoyment fhgajhfhjagdjfgfjhgjffhjhfjshjfhjhfjdhjfgdhgfjh there u go!