My favourite game of all time. I've been playing Tomb Raider ever since I was 8. TombRaiderUnderworld PC
I love Crash! I have played this over and over, it's so awesome. CrashNitroKart Xbox
Got the last boss to do on this and I am done. It's really hard though. FinalFantasy Wii
Played this with every opportunity I got. I've nearly finished the story mode (Chapter 11/14). FinalFantasyXIII X360
Pretty much finished this the day I got it. Not a very long game, but plenty of replay value. TimeShift PC
Got this game free with the purchase of my PS3. I've completed the story, but have not collected all of the flags. AssassinsCreed PC
Got this game with my PSP, as I got the Special Edition Resistance PSP which came with a skin, a cover for my PSP and this game. ResistanceRetribution PSP
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