I just wanted to speculate what the next generation mechanic will be. We already had underwater fights, and everyone hated th

I just got a +10 charmer talisman in a quest reward o.o. Wonderfully random? The charmer skill makes it easier to mine charms

I've been doing this to meld talismans that have like 1 point up to three points, or those that are generally useless to

I just finished talking to the black smith about the serergios weapons, and how they can sharpen themselves if I roll or some

Now I bet most of you never consider the usefulness of having one, but for material hoarders like me (or people in the early

So, I'm branching out to new things. For all those gunners out there what's a really good set to make when using a bo

This is starting to get really aggravating, I can't seem to get the cats to finish the little quests. I really need bette

When I go about my cherry picking weapons, I tend to stay away from these weapons. It seems to me that they usually have much

This thread is for all the little stuff that no has talked about before on the forum. _Item sets:_ Capcom literally read

I like to think that in the world of monster hunter, most places remain unexplored, and are there are very few places that ar

Anyone here want to share their techniques with the Charge Blade? I'm still getting used to the weapon, but I haven't

Relics sound really cool given their in-game description by the Miners. I've only gotten one so far, what are your finds

The Shakalakas buffed you constantly in 3rd gen, this cat that I have now is rarely ever seen on screen. When I'm healing

So I'm maining the charge blade this play through, and I really want to get out of the Deering set. What are some good ar

Is there a free hunt mode in MH4U? I just assumed there would be a free hunt mode in this game. If there is I can't figur

So, my walmart store only had like 4 copies of the game, and they were sold out when I got there today at noon. Now I'm s

hey you wann a hunt for some MH4U hype?

I hate this monster, probably more than Gigginox because at least Gigginox knows how to die quickly. While I spent thirty min

I started playing monster hunter on a console (Wii) a few years back, and then I migrated over to the 3DS. I have to say that

I was looking through my talismans in my box and came across some really good ones take a look: Fate +5 Tranquilzr +2 Sha

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