Radiant Savior wiithepeople
Jan 30, 08 9:59pm
Hi Wii! I just wanted to sign your guestbook because I have seen you in the forums alot!

So, How Have You Been.

Oh yeah, forgot my manners! Heres a stamp!

InuYashaFan123 wiithepeople
Dec 25, 07 2:08am
Merry Christmas wii_the_people! Hope you are enjoying your holiday season.

And a Happy New Year as well!
Relient K wiithepeople
Dec 9, 07 9:21pm
Merry Christmas wii the people. Have a nice Holiday season.
Remino52 wiithepeople
Dec 8, 07 7:36pm
I thought I would just for the heck of it.I want to sign as many people as possible.SO why not?Sign back if can.TOOTLES!!!And BTW WII RULES!!!!!!
DeadAssassin wiithepeople
Nov 17, 07 3:17am
yo sign mie me sin urs

me wikd tipy, aks, frunnnkkk
Riku31069 wiithepeople
Oct 21, 07 2:16pm
I've seen you around the Loungin' forum so I thought I'd sign your guestbook.

Sorry, no stamp because I don't know how to make one.

Anyways, see you around the Loungin' forums!

Oh, and sign back if you can.

UofLCardAttack1 wiithepeople
Sep 11, 07 8:33am
Thanks for signing my guestbook and i have not seen you around loungin' lately. I neopmed you like 10 min ago...lol

YeOldeBowser wiithepeople
Aug 5, 07 6:57pm
I've seen you around the forums (remember the old days of You Got Anagrammed?) so I figured I'd sign your Guestbook, so sign me back if you can.


Have a good one!
Chekkaa wiithepeople
Jun 20, 07 3:24pm
Your GB was empty, I'm on a signing spree, and you seem cool enough, so I thought I would sign. You're awesome. Please sign me back. I just made my stamp, tell me if it's good. Bye!