Wigthers 2000's NeoHome Profiles

Wigthers 2000

From:Unknown Age:25 Weapon:Twin arm cannons

The Former Maverick Hunter. Wigthers is now a lone wolf warrior and will do anything to stop the relentless spammers.

Mega Freak 2

From:United States Age:19 Weapon:Laser Sword

Wigthers' trusted partner. Mega Freak was also a maverick hunter, but he is still on Wigthers' side to destroy the spammers.


From:Ireland Age:20 Weapon:9mm Handgun

A special agent that helps Wigthers and his other partners on their lone wolf operations. She has deadly martial arts skills, excellent marksmanship abilites, and a world class driver.


From:Great Britain Age:18 (at time of death) Weapon:N/A

Wigthers' romantic interest. MegaDemon was always worried about Wigthers' safety. However, MegaDemon died of natural causes. Wigthers still thinks about her from time to time.


From:Austrailia Age:17 Weapon:2 .45 Calibur Handguns

Another trusted Hunter. Also known as MC. She exceptionally skilled at hand to hand combat as well as weaponry.

Harvest Moon Girl

From:Unknown Age:Unknown Weapon:Cybernetic body, 9mm Handgun

A one time owner of Wigthers 2000. She somehow got into a possition to buy Wigthers and was somewhat tortured. Wigthers survived somehow. Her true intentions are still a mystery.