dont tell anyone,I am giving a small group of friends the ultimate snaek peek at the ending of PKMN 1/2,now behold the last villain...
not rly,lol. let me fill your GB wit subliminal messages...

why do i have to put 125 charcters, this is so gay! oh, by the way, should i get the game spectrobes im not sure. mobodies posting on my thread. makes me mad.... well, signed. stayed nerd man,

-ya freind at church
I'm signing your guestbook! And you can't stop me. I have Brothers in Arms DS at hand if you so much as try! Mua ha ha ha ha ha! It's fun being evil! Seriously, BiA DS kicks ass! Except for the no Wi-Fi part. That sucks.
thanks for letting me do that banner it was great practice and if you want me to make something don't hesitate to ask!!

Stampeh stampeh stampeh

Haven't talked with ya in awhile, thanks for the message, now you get an awesome stampeh

See ya around

hey wifigi how did the allowance trick work...anyways i wanted to sighn as a friend ...sorry i have know stamps because im on the wii internet so here

hey i just wanted to stamp your book since your a friend.

lmfao ur totidile is BEAST with that cake lmfao

.:Joe:. .~'`*BORRITOE*`'~.

Respect the Master Master in the World!

Andy is the bestest master in all the universe! He rules my world and I love my master. I am not worthy enough to be his slave. No master is better looking or better than mine.

You just wish you were as awesome as he is!