Stamped by your Friend Great Nosferatu !I hope to see you on the forum again.Plz sign mine back!
hey!check out my new stamps!

sign my gb and pm me!
thanks for the stamp

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god damnit!
hey guy wats up. I am signing ur guestbook cause I want to and because u r making me a banner. I have to fill up a lot of space so ya.
Hi ya i've seen ya on the morrowind goty forums so hi!

Cool, man! Thanks for the backup! Getting older sucks more and more. Hey, at least YOU still have a birthday to look happily forward to! Good luck in the future and best wishes for life! L8R!
i am signing cuz ur a good guy and that you have helped me keep out of trouble even though you might not no it so sign back if ya wanna be neofriends
hey i just got a new stamp so i wanted to try it and you seem cool you like morrowind And Dirty Harry and i like the mod you are thinking of. im the first with a stamp
Hi i'm Great N or Nose for my neobuddieZZ i've seen yuo alot on thegoty forums helping out people and you seemed cool enough yo me for signing your Gb!

Greetz Nose -> Sign bck plz
well, i was just passin by and decidded to sign, also i made you a banner so i decided to sign, but i dont have a cool stap so ill make one out of letters

_ / \ _
< _ * _ >
/ \
/ /\ \


coolest person ever
directly below
before i was even member here at neoseeker i would read your knowledeable post. they've help me in tough times.*sniff* *sniff*
Hey, I see you around the morrowind forums alot, and I thought I would stop by and sign your book, You know alot about morrowind, thats good, you should make a site like mine. I want a .44 Magnum, do you have one, my 19 year old brother is into guns, he has over 7 guns. I saw your sig and Avatar and thought you like guns too. There fun to shoot, My dad is a S.W.A.T. member so he brings home some cool looking guns all the time. Anyways bye for now friend.

Ablinjin Kefla.