You patting pooer!

Sorry, I've been watching too much Green Wing recently...

I just realised I haven't given you my new stamp, so here it is. My the farce be with you...

i figured out how to do a stamp, yay!
enjoy the stampage!
Yaaaaayyy! Thanks for being a great adjudicator in the caption thread. I'm sure it's not bias from the Whodunnit days

You bin stamped bitch...

Cheers for the win buddy. Not sure I deserved it tho - some of the others made me laugh more. Then again it is kinda shit to laugh at your own jokes!

omg I never realised you were a Wigan fan. Gutted that Jewell left? I reckon Warnock might end up at the JJB. Whaddya think?
Any wigan fan is ok in my books.....

Here's a free super-stamp! Enjoy!

(Any damage done by drooling on keyboard cannot be traced to ZY770 products, or any of the above's assets)
What goes around comes around, and by that I mean Im signing you damn guestbook because you signed mine.