I have a bunny named jellybeans!!!!!
He is white with little black spots on his ears and belly. He is very picky with food. He dose not even like carrots! Hwe likes celery and pellets and thats about it!
I'm a guy. I like rabbits. I have had one at my house almost every day of my life. They're awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Now you know me!
Hi. Thanks for the tip on Harvest Moon Magical Melodys.

Isn't he cute?
You've been stamped by harvestbmg!
I know a good tip on Harvest Moon Magical Melodys! Go to the winter mine on the lake and go to level 50 and smash the aqua colored things with your hammer. You'll be making a load of money! I got 50'000 dollars
in one winter!
I hope you have an awesome Christmas and a great New Year

Good luck with everything. Take care and
PM me as soon as possible
Omg i havnt talked to u in a LOOOONG time !!!!
i hope i could here from u soon sistah

PM me asap
hey my friend, have some more cute rabbits, I'm sure you'll like them!!!

They're some of the cuttest bunnies I've ever seen!!!

Sign back when you have more rabbits!
Hey I thought I would sign you gb....I luv rabbits...lol...if you want you can pm or sin my gb sometime...I luv to get messages.
ty for the comment and hope to see u on neoseeker:P

sry, i didnt notice your comment for a while...

(u commented on mine a while ago)

sorry i never signed back for a while. we should be friends!! tnx for the "stamp" i think it deserves one in return.

Hey thanks for signing my GB. Here ya go.

quote An Amazing Amanda Commercial
I love you more than bunnies!
LOL. Anyway, hope you like them!
They are lots, so I'm sure you'll like 'em!

If you want to be neofriends, just PM me!

hey thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

sign back^_^

check these cuties =D

Hey, I finally got a stamp! Here ya go!

credit goes to pet dreamer

Guess what? You need to PM me!
hi umm i know i havent met you but im a girl who loves rabbits i have my own rabbit but i really wanted to know if you can make me some banners with rabbit pictures
hi how r u look more cuties (i have done myself):

kool eh(do u like my work)lol? i hope u like them PM me ok!
yeah lol I live in Canada it is a lovely place even though I would love to travel and maybe live somewhere else .hehe nice talking with yeah
dark oni link here, thanks for signing my guest book. I see you love rabbits so instead of my usual stamp I'll give you this instead...

Oh yeah and Englan's fine thanks how's Minnesota???

see ya in the forums
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Take this stamp. I's not my rabbit, but it's almast the same! PM me if you have more cute photos!

look i found more cuties to share with u^_^

hope u liked them
and enjoyed them^_^
i kno i did PM me
Thnxys for signing my Guestbook... ... I like rabbits, but not as pets, just to admire their cuteness from afar...lol... Well, take care... see you around the forums...
Hey I thought I stop by and sign your guestbook...I love rabbits too I think they are so cute!Well if you wanna sometime you can sign my guestbook .harvestmoon_fan2013
Hi thank you I luv bunny's too
Actually i have one He is brown and white
So i made this stamp for your guest book

finally someone who loves rabbits i am a rabbit freak anyways......
i made a special stamp hope u like it

p.s sorry about the size:rainbow:
(the bigger the better)

~sign back~ bye