segaman westy_1990
Feb 19, 08 6:23am
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

In Motion westy_1990
Dec 18, 07 2:14am
Hey dude, thanks for being one hell of a NeoFriend over the past three.. four.. five.. whatever! The last few months, I'm here to return the favour with a super-cool stamp!

Prepare to be HolliganiZed Brotha!

undertaker4ever westy_1990
Dec 18, 07 12:51am
Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas


deano8856 westy_1990
Nov 7, 07 5:18am
Hey Westy, i really really really appreciate your advice dude, you have helped me alot, and i will defo get back to you with the results. This is your reward ( not 2 tickets to the sunderland game:P)


Thanks again man!!!
In Motion westy_1990
Oct 7, 07 10:31pm
Hey dude, thanks for signing, boy I need to check mine more often.

Prepare to be HooliganiZed brotha!

J Bro westy_1990
Sep 8, 07 9:02am
Hey man, ya signed my guestbook, so I thought I would sign yours back. Plus ya asked me too and you have been a good friend. So here is a stamp from me!

Yeah, I know it still says "Rawer", but who cares? Every still calls me Rawer anyways so...yeah. Anyway, thanks for the signing! See ya around the forums!
Rayzr Blayd westy_1990
Sep 5, 07 5:44pm
Thanks fo the gbook signin ur new stamp looks cool u made it?

take care cya around
Lighting westy_1990
Sep 5, 07 1:17pm
Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook man! I just thought I would sign yours too, seeing as we're good mates and all. See you around the forums!

Andy westy_1990
Sep 5, 07 2:57am
Thanks for signing my guestbook I always return the favour, glad you liked the stamp.

Rayzr Blayd westy_1990
Aug 22, 07 11:14am
i decided to sign urs back with my new stamp
ur the 1st one to be stamped with this

cya around bro
Kades_World westy_1990
Apr 28, 07 9:27am
Thanks for helping me and bj the other day here have this
BJ McDonald 19 westy_1990
Apr 20, 07 6:50am
Thanks for letting me use those layouts and title belts.

To return the favor ill sign your guestbook.

terminate63 westy_1990
Mar 8, 07 7:07pm
i just felt like stampen since im liken the diary =)

cya around
Stuy westy_1990
Feb 4, 07 11:27am
Meh, I just decided to sign your book due to random and bordom. xDD

LaterzzZz. [=
Punk100 westy_1990
Jan 31, 07 6:27am
IM trying to get a new stamp since bam bam bigelow died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samoan Spike westy_1990
Jan 19, 07 3:49am
I Just Thought I Would Sign Your Guestbook

See You Around The Forums
Samoan Spike westy_1990
Jan 19, 07 3:48am
I Just Thought You May Want To Enter My King Of The Ring Tournament Your More Then Welcome To Visit But Be Quick There Is Only One Entry Left.
THE619 westy_1990
Jan 15, 07 5:36pm
Wow, you signed. So you can have my deluxe stamp!
You have now officialy been stamped by...

I guess you don't have to sing back becuase you allready did.
Although, my name is THE619!!!!!
THE619 westy_1990
Jan 10, 07 1:05pm
Hi. I would have only typed hi, but there's a 125 Charecter minumum.

Sign back for m y name is
Palatine westy_1990
Jan 8, 07 8:47am
Thanks for signing the guestbook man. I have no stamp at the moment but I will sign later if I get one. And thanks for the comments about the neohome, ill add them some time soon.
BJ McDonald 19 westy_1990
Jan 3, 07 9:34pm
Hey mate since you sighned me with your new stamp heres my new one.

Hope ya like it.
the lynx westy_1990
Dec 25, 06 5:22pm









Surfer99 westy_1990
Dec 1, 06 2:09am
Hi I saw you around the forums, im liking your DX pic. Its really good.And if your not down with that, I got Two words for ya, SUCK IT!
kk_wwe westy_1990
Nov 27, 06 7:32am
hi i was wondering how do you get friends???? you have some and i want some so can you help?? if you help ill add you!! soory i have too keep writing to fill in the 125 characters!!!! i like your dx icon dx rocks!!!!! do you like john cena???
stato westy_1990
Oct 15, 06 6:39pm
Ain't spoken in ages buddy. Anyway have a stamp on the co GM of NWO