Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

Hey dude, thanks for being one hell of a NeoFriend over the past three.. four.. five.. whatever! The last few months, I'm here to return the favour with a super-cool stamp!

Prepare to be HolliganiZed Brotha!

Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas


Hey Westy, i really really really appreciate your advice dude, you have helped me alot, and i will defo get back to you with the results. This is your reward ( not 2 tickets to the sunderland game:P)


Thanks again man!!!
Hey dude, thanks for signing, boy I need to check mine more often.

Prepare to be HooliganiZed brotha!

Hey man, ya signed my guestbook, so I thought I would sign yours back. Plus ya asked me too and you have been a good friend. So here is a stamp from me!

Yeah, I know it still says "Rawer", but who cares? Every still calls me Rawer anyways so...yeah. Anyway, thanks for the signing! See ya around the forums!
Thanks fo the gbook signin ur new stamp looks cool u made it?

take care cya around
Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook man! I just thought I would sign yours too, seeing as we're good mates and all. See you around the forums!

Thanks for signing my guestbook I always return the favour, glad you liked the stamp.

i decided to sign urs back with my new stamp
ur the 1st one to be stamped with this

cya around bro
Thanks for helping me and bj the other day here have this
Thanks for letting me use those layouts and title belts.

To return the favor ill sign your guestbook.

i just felt like stampen since im liken the diary =)

cya around
Meh, I just decided to sign your book due to random and bordom. xDD

LaterzzZz. [=
IM trying to get a new stamp since bam bam bigelow died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Just Thought I Would Sign Your Guestbook

See You Around The Forums
I Just Thought You May Want To Enter My King Of The Ring Tournament Your More Then Welcome To Visit But Be Quick There Is Only One Entry Left.
Wow, you signed. So you can have my deluxe stamp!
You have now officialy been stamped by...

I guess you don't have to sing back becuase you allready did.
Although, my name is THE619!!!!!
Hi. I would have only typed hi, but there's a 125 Charecter minumum.

Sign back for m y name is
Thanks for signing the guestbook man. I have no stamp at the moment but I will sign later if I get one. And thanks for the comments about the neohome, ill add them some time soon.
Hey mate since you sighned me with your new stamp heres my new one.

Hope ya like it.









Hi I saw you around the forums, im liking your DX pic. Its really good.And if your not down with that, I got Two words for ya, SUCK IT!
hi i was wondering how do you get friends???? you have some and i want some so can you help?? if you help ill add you!! soory i have too keep writing to fill in the 125 characters!!!! i like your dx icon dx rocks!!!!! do you like john cena???
Ain't spoken in ages buddy. Anyway have a stamp on the co GM of NWO