Well... lets see; i was born 800 years ago. When i finaly grew my wings, i was only 60!!! By 200 years old i finaly got a job and moved out of my moms house. She had her wings cut off, and her magic taken away. You see us "normal" fairys have magic. But she smuggled ancient artifacts from the humans, it was something they called a "T.V.". Back to my job i was in a police force called the LEPrecon (LEP= Lower Elements Police) then i got a name at the age of 500 years: Captian Julias Root. then i was promoted to comander.
There thats my life.


ratchet and clank/socom2/pretty much every first-pirson shooter.


ohhh, bite me

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Review: Ratchet & Clank - ratchet and clank

Jan 10, 2004

just perfect from top to bottem. there is a perfect storyline. not to hard, not to easy. giant clank battles! the greatest game of 2002. i cant wate until Ratchet And Clank: Going Comand two huge, huge thumbs up. gameplay-four point...

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