I LOVE THIS GAME, that is all I' m going to say Skate2 PS3
I recommend this skateboarding game to everyone, do not buy that tony hawk crap, this game shows skateboarding at its finest Skate PS3
I consider this just a sucky skate game for the DS and the Wii just so nintendo fans would be slightly happy SkateIt Wii
A little different from the previous paper marios but fun nonetheless SuperPaperMario Wii
I'm only going to say one thing, THIS IS THE BEST RPG EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ChronoTrigger Wii
This, I consider a very big improvement to the previous one, if you liked the fourth, you'll love this one DragonQuest5Import PS2
I had this game but i traded this game, as many of you know, dragon quest is an rpg, this game isnt much that as it is an action game DragonQuestHeroesRocketSlime DS
This is a very good RPG and I recommend it to anybody who liked the previous ones or a newbie to dragon quest DragonQuest4 PSX
This isn't as good as the other onea but it is still a good RPG DragonQuest8JourneyOfTheCursedKing PS2
A zelda game that revolutionized zelda history I recommend it to any fans of zelda TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC
The zelda that started some of the best line of games on the planet TheLegendOfZelda NES
A very funny and very fun mario game, strange at first but once you start getting the hang of it it's fun as hell SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
After XII go to this one and work your way backwards down to one so your not disappointed FinalFantasyX PS2
Everyone has loved Final Fantasy since the first one so I LOVE this one, although I'd start with XII if you are new to final fantasy FinalFantasy3 NES
A lot better than the third, developing characters, a very awesome and convincing story plot, and great gameplay and it has voice acting FinalFantasy4 PSX
awesome game, played it 100 percent and nowadays i find enjoyment in starting a new file TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass DS
Just got this the other day and after I finish this im going to start on pearl and then platinum PokemonDiamond DS

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