Yo! Wasup dude? Look here guy. If u choose 2 speak 2 da awesomeness that is ME! U will refer 2 ME as TAG. Anythin else ain't acceptable. If u do get da nerve 2 call ME anythin else, I will hunt u down, kick u in the kidneys until u pee blood, then Im going 2 make u drink it!(Don't worry! It tastes like strawberries) He he... not so tough r u now u ****in commie?
As u may have noticed (unless *bleep* or some crap) I dont have an age or gender displayed. Thats because I have no idea what I am, who I am, or why I have to live in this rubber room. But hey! It sho is fun 2 bounce around! U may have also seen that I don't like communists very much. Its not that I dont like em. I just hate them with all my heart.


I am a Nintendo fanboy. Im just gonna say that and get it off my chest. I like rpgs and strategy games. My favorite series is Zelda.


Some men are born each era who carry the fate of mankind upon their shoulders. These people alone shall face great dangers, fight many battles, and will be honored by all for their sacrifice. I am not one of those men. Get the *bleep* over it.
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