Hey whats up? I love your Santa Sonic avatar. Just came by to sign your guestbook and say hi. Hope to see you post in this forum. Sign my guestbook too! PS today's my 19th b-day!!!!
What does your username emphasize?
Mines Darkness Lasts Forever But So Does Light
A lot people ask.
Today at school we had to copy down the ‘final contributions’ for the final exam
next week.
I take AP World History, but its one of my favorite classes
And in 1st period we took a test, and I didnt study that much...
I never do
Probably failed it -_-
Did you know that 55% of my school is white? or
correctly speaking cacauasian?!
Wicked info, man!
And did you know that my locker is in the so called
“asian hallway”
Oh God why cant we all just get along?!?!
Oh well, I’ll die soon enough not to worry about it
you see my school is very segregated and very rich and snobby
Yet its like the #1 school in academics from our
So since I autographed your guestbook thing, signed mine back
With a random enrty I guess, but Im bored as hell, man.
And today I forgot to shave my legs, so in gym class they were
hairy like a gorillas
haha whatever, it was ok
I was playing raquetball
its sooooo much fun
Sometimes my teammates get
mad because I always hog the ball
and Im always the ones scoring points
So ....
*takes out stamp*

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