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Apr 17, 12 9:10pm

The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long

It's funny you know. You spend most of your childhood wanting to grow up, be a 'big kid' and all that, want to be an adult and have a complete freedom and everything? Well, I'm at that stage in my life where I don't want any of it. I suddenly feel old beyond my years...both physically and mentally. I won't go in to too much detail, but frankly, I'm just apathetic to everything at the moment. I'm not ready to take over as 'man of the family' yet. Not a good way to be.

Anyway, not much has happened in the 24 hours since my last blog post. Just unseasonably warm here in Southern Australia at the moment. Can't wait until the first cold blast hits.

Coming up to Anzac Day here in Australia, where we remember all those who fought for our freedom. It'll be 97 years since my great-grandfather stormed the beaches at Gallipoli in 1915. He didn't spend long there as he took some shrapnel in his back shortly after landing, but after he recovered in hospital he was sent to the Western Front. I don't know how he was affected, but I've been told by my grandfather that he was an intensely quiet man, but if anybody mentioned the war he would fly in to a rage and storm out of the room. Understandable, considering the horrors that he endured. Anyway, it shall be a day of rememberance. One of the reasons for the top picture actually, as a reminder that our soldiers are human too I guess.

Enough doom and gloom, I am excited that The Avengers comes out in a week. Been a while since I've seen an excellent movie at the cinemas, so I'll be there first thing on Wednesday morning to see the first session. I'm excited, should give me something to enjoy! My favourite is Iron Man, can't wait to see how the team reacts with a smartass Tony Stark in tow. I shall be sure to post a review when I've seen it, I'm sure it'll be overwhelmingly positive.

Anyway, will wrap this up now. I've got some of my favourite tv shows to watch now, including the third episode of Game of Thrones. Next series on the hitlist will probably be Once Upon A Time, I believe that finishes soon. Will sit down and watch the entire first season in one hit :)

Been craving some Disney lately, but seeing as I probably won't be able to sit down and watch a movie, here's one of my favourite opening narrations ever. Does a perfect job in setting the mood. Enjoy :)

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