Apr 14, 13 10:08pm
One of the most moving performances I've ever witnessed http://bit.ly/XJSYRW

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Celes Leonhart Apr 15, 13
I don't even watch BGT but they've gotta have won already.
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LinkinPork Apr 15, 13
That was awesome, but the constant cuts to the audience and judge's faces almost ruined it man. For shit like vocal performances, that's cool, but this was 100% visual. *bleep* you BGT camera crew.

Still a beautiful performance, it was like the opening of Up. They better win.
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walnuts Apr 15, 13
quote AznLiquid
it was like the opening of Up.
Perfect analogy - totally agree with you. The whole gamut of human emotion in the space of 4 minutes.

Celes Leonhart

It should win but I sadly don't think it will - doesn't seem to fit the BGT formula (hard to explain what I mean by that).

Just watched it again and I've still got goosebumps. Incredible.