likes Mister MacPhisto's status update: "according to bluexy don't use duct tape for toilet paper"
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likes Willow's status update: "Today I housewived on a sewing machine and succeeded not to chop my finger off =success! :) (the supposed cushion cover looks a mess though)"
likes Willow's status update: "I'm baaaack!"

I've got itchy feet with my Nexus 5 - my N4 cracked and so I had a 'forced' upgrade. Anyway, it... read more

likes tekmosis' status update: "apple watch looks silly. It has a couple nice features but overall I think android wear/moto 360 is the way to go right now."
likes ctrl's status update: "I got married, bitches!!!! *woot*"
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likes Eithne's status update: "do u wanna build a snowman"
likes Paranoid Android's status update: "Worst Subway sandwich ever. When I write my biography in 30 years, it'll be divided in 2: pre Subway sandwich and post Subway sandwich."

Triple cheeseburger related? read more

likes Willow's status update: "Being an adult isn't fun, I don't wanna play anymore."
likes Paranoid Android's status update: "PA now supports Neo with Neo+. (Y)"
likes Redemption's status update: "I was Gifted with N+ anonymously, it's actually pretty fun to receive a nice gift like that. Thanks!"
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