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Dec 15, 11 5:51pm
Is becoming addicted to VALVe games
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Jul 2, 11 5:58pm

join the animal rebelion agency today!

we are a group who pledge to help preserve animal rights all the across the world!

if you want to join comment below or pm me this message below after you've filled it out!

"I (insert username here) pledge to help protect animals in every way i can!From turning off a lightswitch to (insert best thing you've done for the environment here).






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Jun 30, 11 1:19am

This was requested by:legendary boss hunter.

10-emperor bulblax(pikmin 2),

yes thats right he's only number 10,mainly because most people can beat him in about 10 seconds but he can still eat several pikmin at once,i rest my case.

9-beady long legs,

as long as your not careless he is actually pretty easy and the reward is generous,but he is also the only boss that appears ABOVE GROUND,which causes panic(which leads to pikmin deaths)for first time players.

8-empress bulblax(no larva/falling rocks),

really the empress bulblax was very simple for me but i know lots of people which have had pikmin extinctions because of it.most likely because they don't realize in time that attacking the sides=pikmin death.

7-pileated snagret,

if you thought the burrowing snagret was hard than i have three words for you...


the pileated snagret has lots more health and can follow you on land by hopping on its foot, makeing the hit and run strategy much harder.

6-empress bulblax(with larva/falling rocks),

first,you start off behind it so the larva are closer and harder to get through,second,when it does roll on top of being able to squish pikmin boulders fall,third,mix it all together and you have a recipe for a challenging boss.

anyway thats the first part,look forward to part 2.;p

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Jun 28, 11 5:23pm

heres the other half.

5-fiery bulblax,

the fiery bulblax is basicly a more rare bulborb thats covered in fire makeing non-red pikmin unable to attack,eliminating the purple pikmin storm strategy.

4-armored cannon beetle,

this is the pikmin 1 exclusive adult form of the armored cannon beetle larva,they are slow and shoot slow moving boulders at you but they are coated in a thick black armor,the only way to damage it is to throw a pikmin precisly right as it sucks in air to shoot the boulders,causeing the pikmin to be lodged in there causeing it to overheat and have to open its armor to let out the heat but this also makes its soft red back open to attacks for a while,this creature takes a large amount of your very precise time to defeat.

3-gatling groink,

the gatling groink is a very annoying enemy for it follows the active captain,shoots lock on projectiles,has a shield in the front,and can regenerate after death.plus it is often seen on top of tall structures and is hard to hit.

2-spotty bulbear,

the spotty bulbear is like a red bulborb on steroids,it doesnt sleep,it collects dwarfs to follow it,it can eat more pikmin at a time,it has more health,and on top of that it can regenerate after death,the best strategy is to ultra-bitter spray it and hope it doesnt unfreeze before you kill it.

1-smokey progg,

ok i think everyone who has faced one can agree with me,it an enemy that can kill a 100 pikmin squad in about 10 seconds if your careless.

so that just about raps up this top ten.;)

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Jun 23, 11 5:26pm

Well to start off my top tens I thought I would do of my favorite game,pikmin,as the name describes,it's of the hardest non-boss enemys.

10-armored cannon beetle larva,

this guy shoots slow and easy to avoid boulders and is not protected in any way.but they take lots of valuble time to beat,makeing it hard to get many things done and beat him in one day aboveground.but he's number 10 because of his slow movements and time wont matter a bit most of the time since the day does not progress while underground.

9-decorated cannon beetle,

the decorated cannon beetle is an armored cannon beetle larva except it's red,it attacks the same way too except the boulder will follow the metal on the captains until they break.making it hard for a large group of pikmin to not be at least partially squashed.but its number 9 because it can be to your advantage,for if you leave your pikmin in another area then you can get the boulder to follow you into another enemy or to the armored cannon beetle larva itself,damaging it greatly.

8-greater spotted jellyfloat,

this guy is basicly a giant pink floating jellyfish,he can suck up many pikmin and even the captains up into it to be digested,rendering the pikmin useless and on top of that it has high health.but he's only number 8 because if the jellyfloat is defeated quickly,all the pikmin will be released.


a pikmin 1 exclusive enemy,the puffstool can take control of your own pikmin turning them into toadmin(also known as mushroom pikmin)and use them to attack you!but he is only number 7 because the pikmin can be reverted to their original form by being shaken off or having a toadmin and normal pikmin 1 on 1 battle.

6-orange bulborb,

the orange bulborb is as the name describes an orange bulborb is orange instead of red,it attacks like a red bulborb but it can wake up before you touch it making a surprise attack impossible so that without a large group of purple pikmin there is a good chance of pikmin death.but its only number 6 because if your well practiced and you have alot of purple pikmin you can throw quick enough so that it wont get very far before its stunned.

theres the first half,how did i do?and look forward to the next half.;)

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Jun 23, 11 1:28am

I do requests for nintendo,capcom,and sega games for things like top 5,10,15,20,help,reviews,etc.

But I may not always be able to do a request because of an event in my life such as currently my great grandmother is fighting lung cancer.;(

And I dont do requests for games i have not played yet.


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May 21, 11 5:09pm
Why did I do that?
Jun 2, 10 4:05am
I love pikmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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