Hmszelda w111j
Dec 28, 11 1:20pm

lateness (Y)
Midnight w111j
Dec 6, 11 8:45pm
Merry Christmas Willy!! (: Have a good one!

Hmszelda w111j
Nov 26, 11 10:08am
Hi Jordon!
Just Wanted to say thanks for being a great mod and just a cool dude over all!
Also thanks for bringing a bunch more people to pokefiction!
P.S. Thanks for making those OW sprits for J's Story, I owe you one!

*put stamp here*
Zeezow w111j
Apr 21, 11 4:45pm
Hello w111j, I really would like to thank you for the help you gave me when I started my comic and for the OW sprite made by you for me so...
Tankzortz w111j
Jul 24, 09 6:36pm
wats up man been a while. yea just wantd to be the second to sign it. join bbod!!! nah u probably dont have brawl. see u in a month
pinkpanther8u w111j
Jul 21, 09 2:10am
im lookin for the jhoto and hoenn starters and many other pokemon...meaning... if your willing to trade ANY pokemon , please trade with me! plzz!