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May 29, 11 4:26pm

First Blog Post-TWEWY

Well, my neobud Fawful has been telling me to start a blog, and I'm bored, so why not?

I figured I'd give my impression of The World Ends With You since I finished it just today, having started on Friday.


There were some small things near the end I had hoped for that didn't happen, but heck, the game was simply amazing. I've heard rumors that Square is going to make a TWEWY 2. I'd enjoy that game too, I'm sure, and it would probably pretty epic too. But I'd honestly be fine if they never did, because I'd be afraid of it ruining something. But then again, that really only happens with sequel movies.

Other than that, I've had a pretty uneventful weekend, so not much to talk about. But hopefully I'll be writing in this more during the summer. =)


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Fawful May 31, 11
I have LOL?

Oh, by the way, it's spelled 'Ciao'.
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w111j May 31, 11
Shut it.
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Rabla May 18, 12
Duuude, I didn't know you were a TWEWY bro!

Come visit the forum sometime. We could use a revival.
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w111j May 18, 12
I've browsed around recently, but I don't really know what to talk about... I'll think of some topic or find one near the top of the pile. P:

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