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Mar 27, 12 4:54pm

Only good thing I can think to talk about is SkywardSword and how I beat it this weekend. Definately one of my favorite Legend of Zelda games ever.

It also seems that I may soon be ostracized by a lot of my good friends because of my opinion on gay marriage. Which is that I'm not for it or against it because it does not personally benefit me, or do anything bad to me. And also because I got angry at one friend being biased at another person who was also being biased. And when I tried to point out the "pot calling the kettle black" scenario... Yeah.

Anyway, that's it. Sorry that I don't ever write here anymore, haha.

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Mar 21, 12 2:03pm
I think I might try Pushmo. o:
Feb 3, 12 3:27pm
I gotz big plans, my friends. B3
Dec 21, 11 6:13pm
Luso X Adele <3
w111j blogged
Dec 3, 11 11:36am

So I can already feel the Christmas spirit. This morning we're going to be having a family Christmas party, so we've been hanging lights and whatnot.

In other news, it's been a couple of weeks since myself and TeamHydroAura are no longer a couple.

I also picked up Super Mario 3D Land a few weeks ago, and it is definitely worth the buy. If you're on the fence about it, get it, it will be worth your time. It's exactly what the 3DS needed. :D

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Nov 3, 11 5:59pm
Grimlock crush you!!
w111j blogged
Oct 6, 11 8:51am

So I realized it's been a while since I used this, so I figure I'll tell you what's going on with my life.

Got a girlfriend. Best one ever, known on Neo as Team Hydro Aura. <3 Pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me.

I also became one of the Co-Moderators of Pokefiction with Shiny. It hasn't been that hard, thankfully. There have been a few problems, mostly minor, and trying to boost up the population of the forum.

I got a 3DS, and intend to buy my first 3DS game this month, Pokemon Rumble Blast. In the meantime before my 3DS, though, I played a fair amount of new DS games that I thought were pretty awesome, Ghost Trick included.

School's no fun, especially now that I'm taking 2 college classes thanks to Florida's dual-enrollment this semester. Next semester, I'll have 3. :S

And that's really it, I guess.

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w111j shared a user review (@Narphinean)
Jun 3, 11 12:35pm


Square Enix, well-known for their wildly successful Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts...

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May 31, 11 8:25pm

Well, going back to schoolwork wasn't fun after a nice long vacation. -_- And of course, since I'm homeschooled, I'll be doing somethings into the summer, just because my parents roll like that.

Actually, not much to say today. Talked with peeps Team Hydro Aura, Fawful, Luckyman77777, and DDD2. Chaos Team(Jason) has eluded me, however. :shifty:

BTW, if that smilie doesn't work, I'mma be mad. >:|

Played some Mafia on PO. Tried to get Lucky to duel me, but he's a lazy arse, and didn't finish his deck before I just walked away. Maybe tomorrow. Worked on my ASCW Team. And I'll be playing some more TWEWY later. And that's about it. ;)

Oh, and I listened to the TWEWY soundtrack again. Still lovin most of the songs, though some are kinda "meh".

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May 30, 11 5:20pm

So last night, I decided to finally play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for DS, which I'd picked up at the same time as The World Ends With You.

Everything about it is pretty sweet, and Square Enix does not disappoint. I'll spare you the details, though, because this isn't a review. When I first picked up the game by suggestion of Team Hydro Aura here on Neoseeker, I was expecting regular RPG play style, similar to the main series FF, or Dragon Quest, maybe I'd even gotten lucky and found another amazing Square Strategy RPG. What I found instead was just as nice, though.

Running around as yourself, battling monsters in real time... Much like Legend of Zelda, plus the fact that when you change ANY equipment, your look changes as well.

Of course, with all the running around it required, I put it back down in order to try to almost fully, if not completely, complete TWEWY. At which point, I found out that Tin Pin Slammer, the mini-game in TWEWY, can be quite fun if you have the right pins.

Overall been a good gaming day for me. Maybe next time, though, I'll have something not game-related to talk about instead, though. xD

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May 29, 11 4:26pm

Well, my neobud Fawful has been telling me to start a blog, and I'm bored, so why not?

I figured I'd give my impression of The World Ends With You since I finished it just today, having started on Friday.


There were some small things near the end I had hoped for that didn't happen, but heck, the game was simply amazing. I've heard rumors that Square is going to make a TWEWY 2. I'd enjoy that game too, I'm sure, and it would probably pretty epic too. But I'd honestly be fine if they never did, because I'd be afraid of it ruining something. But then again, that really only happens with sequel movies.

Other than that, I've had a pretty uneventful weekend, so not much to talk about. But hopefully I'll be writing in this more during the summer. =)

May 14, 11 11:37pm
If we will not help those who cannot help themselves, then who will?
Apr 4, 11 4:12pm
And so I flew, in that moment, into a new world -- and into my heralded destiny.
Mar 4, 10 1:54am
is working on AoDA comics, and othe spriting things.

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