i wazz born sept 2 1991 . I am a goth. my favorite colours are Silver, Black, Blood red and Blue!!! my best friendz are Haylee and Melissa and Lisa and Stephanie and Christina and Vanesa and Daphne and Cassie and Tia and Tianna and Mimi and Sheena and Reema and Joline and Aleyah and Leah and Crystal and Kaila and Brittany and Chelsea and my favorite long distance cousion that can barely talk to Asca!!!!thats all 4 best friends um im hyper and sensitive um I go 2 cedar hills elementary school hehe have my own web site Kaila's and Asca's group!) and i have changing eye colour and am friendly and take things seriosly and get very mad if some 1 insults me or my friends!I'm INSANE not CRAZY but INSANE!!!!I'm a GOTHIC CHICK!!!!!!!! I like darkness!!


I luv zelda and 2 draw anime and b awake and play vball and swim and pay tennis and my fave band is EvanEscence. I'm a goth! I like my cell phone which is blue and silver =D I am up pretty early singing my lungs out and dancing! I LUV SCARING PPLZ!!!!!!
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Review: Spyro 2: Season of Flame - WOW!

Jan 21, 2003

um u r spyro and u have 2 use ice breath 2 get fire flys and now 4 the moves select:change breath start:pause get 2 the menu and quit and save and more! A:jump B:fire,ice electric breath R:charge d-pad:move thats all u have many enemys mostly...

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