Join Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3ds group! It's FUN :D

Hello! Sadly I missed out on getting emailed mh4u demo codes and was wondering if anyone had any Australian demo codes to sha

I get the feeling that im going to have trouble on this quest so i just wanted to check if my current equip would be good eno

I just started g rank and am on the first leg of g lvl 1 quests. Therefore i do not have acess to gigginox x and other armors

I downloaded the ala DLC quest and now i wont give up until i get its hammer. Current equip: Full brach HR equip Brach DS

Just about everyone's most annoying moment in this game is with the overweighted fish, plesioth. You gotta hate plessy. S

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FORUMS??????? They're not the same!

I'm trying to make this my last thread but I was trying to keep going making progress on mh3u but I know I have unfinishe

I've completed all of the quests I needed to with ease so far but now I'm stuck on gobul. Can anyone give me some adv

Even I have troubles with the g rank tiggy and I would like to know how long it takes you with your sets and strategys!!! Thi

Roaaaaaaaar I'm a lavasioth...that can roar.
whassup neoseeker!?
Neoseeker rules!!!
funny because I hardly know anything about the volganos!!!
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