spent over 6 hours on it but just couldnt get into it so left it and never played it again :\\ TheElderScrolls3Morrowind PC
best metal gear game. classic. this game shows what can be done on the ps2 if game developers put some effort in. but no we got tonnes... MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater PS2
fave racing game. got xbox live week after this game came out and played it loads on xbox live. online kudos rank 36 ProjectGothamRacing2 Xbox
one of the best games ever SteelBattalion Xbox
same as dreamcast version but with slightly better graphics and an english dubb Shenmue2Import DC
too many problems in this game offline and online make it inferior to is prequal Halo2 Xbox
if only there were allot more people to play with then this would be the best online game ever. capcom shut down the servers for... SteelBattalionLineOfContact Xbox
good but not as good as the original. feels too slow compared to original SoulCalibur2 PS2
most played xbox live game clocking over 600 hours RainbowSixRavenShield PC
one of my fave rpg Fable Xbox
one of the best gun games ever HouseOfTheDead2 DC
the last good 3D sonic game :( SonicAdventure DC
one of the best games ever Halo PC
one of the best fighters ever SoulCalibur DC
crap. fans of the PC version avoid this Unreal PC
dissapointing, no zombies. although gameplay is very good ResidentEvil4 PS2
the game that started the most succesful and great project gotham racing series MetropolisStreetRacer DC
one of the best games ever Shenmue DC
very good but not as good as the first Shenmue2Import DC


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