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Mar 13, 09 5:54pm


Last week was full for me, as after having done TF2 scout achievement, I've played Legendary, a FPS I wanted to try despite the critics. I've bought it at the beginning of Feb. with Mirror's Edge.

Well, I was disappointed by the soft except for the chapter in the British campaign. It was really a great level but unfortunately the others were just odd.

The first one is mainly about escaping, you have to wait before having a real fight and your weapons are ridiculous. Then suddenly, you just have a serious issue with Black Order, as the cutscene did show only three soldiers for having something like six during the game.

The second chapter was about the Golem but there were a real frustrating passage with the tentacles. And with that screwed checkpoint system, it's being more than I can support.

Anyway, I've pursued the game for having three shorts chapters after the British campaign. It's just disappointing when you know that the three first were long enough. I'm not speaking about episode but I'm speaking about the "clear" parts of the game: Trying to escape and find Vivian, the attack against the Golem, the British town, the Black Order Attack, the devastated New York and the last assault.

Anyway, I've uninstalled the game as I wasn't happy with it. I know, I should listen to reviews but it's your own opinion that matters. If you don't try, you can't tell.

I'm back also to casual gaming, as DD Seasonal Snack is free now at iWin.

I need to go to prepare lunch, well, it's too late anyway but I must begin the cooking of some vegetables.

pc legendary

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tekmosis Mar 13, 09
I was never impressed with the trailers or videos, although I thought the giant Golem was cool. Nice summary of the game.
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vicrabb Mar 18, 09
It wasn't about trailers, it was most about previews I've read. And then, well, my historical/mythological side was ticking, so... Anyway, did you read the user review I've written about it?
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RabidChinaGirl Mar 18, 09
I remember seeing a trailer of the game as well. It's one of those titles that makes you look twice when you see an ad. I didn't think they looked too bad, really, but then the reviews popped up and were mostly negative. I wasn't surprised, but didn't seem to be THAT terrible based on just trailers.

I hope it didn't cost you too much $$.
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vicrabb Mar 21, 09
Well, not half the price but: 13,05 EUR instead of 49,99 EUR.

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