Sniping zombies
Shooting Nazis Zombies. NZA isn't my favorite but I want some of the achievements you can do in solo.
Je suis Charlie
Job: Clean the Space Station - yay for achievements in Viscera Cleanup Details
Some games are better with a gamepad :D
Hacker Evolution - I'm writing guides, shhhh!

I loved this man for its finding for the Education world. Anyway, he found this. I'm sharing it.

Copyright and Creative Commons Explained by Common Craft is one of my go-to resources when someone asks for materials that they can use to explain Creative Commons to students. This morning through Lifehacker I found a new resource that complements t...

Berserker in KF: after 3 years and half, I begin to appreciate the class... maybe because I'm level 5 now?
Can't wait for Clementineeeeeee! - My cousin Sabrina

My daughter Sabrina, who is 16, suffers from epilepsy with daily seizures. After many months of detailed testing at UCLA and UCSF, Sabrina will have surgery at UCLA on 3/21. The goal of the surgery is to eliminate all the seizures. Our insurance pays...

I couldn't resist the call of Assassins.
I won Bioshock Triple Pack °_°.
Maybe Black Mesa
Playing Grimm

I never thought I would feel that good to be back on Neoseeker: I'm rediscovering the joy of submitting again! Well, as far as I know, with the experience and the age, I know what I have to do to keep the flame burning: no more iPhone or iPad profile submission unless necessary. By the way, uhm, yeah, I'm playing TWD, I'm also interested more in casual and indie gaming... I'm still not into Deux Ex, Garry's Mod, Terraria or Assassin's Creed but I've succombed to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the three Modern Warfare. And eeeer, well... Dead Space... aaaaaand eeeeeeeeer, something I swore I would never buy: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition... and the Hitman series too... I fell also in love with Sleeping Dogs, Shadow Warrior... I played Alan Wake (finally!) ... As you can see, I did open my mind about some games...

All that to say that I didn't quit gaming..... :)
I'm touched by people remembering me... So sorry not to have come back earlier. It's not easy when you feel like you've let down people...

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