Sep 18, 16 7:38pm
Marieke - Laurens - Florian - Peter - Michèle - Kris - Cycling team
Sep 15, 16 10:16am
Marieke - Laurens - Florian - Peter - Michèle
Sep 13, 16 7:17pm
Marieke - Laurens - Florian - Peter
Sep 11, 16 6:01pm
Marieke - Laurens - Florian
Aug 26, 16 2:34pm
Too hot, hot damn!
Aug 20, 16 2:35pm
Greg - Nafi - Pieter - Dirk - Jolien - Red Lions
Aug 10, 16 5:58pm
Can someone tell me why I decided to check the Warhammer 40k franchise on Neo when I don't even know anything about it? Oh yes, the new game
Jul 14, 16 12:15pm
Soon, soon.... *can't wait until finally installing DOOM and playing it"
Jul 8, 16 8:17am
I hate that: a profile exists under the NA DS name while the PC ROW and DS EU share the shame title (and the PC profile is missing)
Jun 26, 16 11:24am
When on a French TV game, there are questions about video games and that the contestant gives the wrong answer.... MAX PAYNE IS NO HITMAN!
vicrabb shared a link
Jun 21, 16 5:12pm
I wrote this gameplay: - do you feel it's alright?

Hercules's wife has been kidnapped! Megara is in the hands of Hades, the powerful god of the underground world. However, if you think that Hercules will do all the work to rescue her, you're dreaming. His loyal servants will recolt the food, the gold...

Jun 18, 16 8:46am
I need help to write better descriptions. Can someone check my submissions and try to improve them, mainly if they've played the game?
May 30, 16 2:10pm
Told herself: "Don't begin to complete series like Nancy Drew". One hour after, is submitting profiles and screenshots --'
May 12, 16 12:14pm
Currently completing old profiles submitted years ago by myself. I am kinda: "It's me that added that????"
Apr 11, 16 8:20am
glycosylphosphatidyléthanolamine, the kind of words you'll find in Epistory... (yeah, it's French too).
Apr 2, 16 12:40pm
Audio is back in Epistory. That game is simply a little gem!
Apr 1, 16 11:23am
Epistory is out and it's magnificient. If only the audio wasn't broken for me - snif
Mar 29, 16 10:31am
33 - Already! Time flies!
Mar 28, 16 6:09pm
33 - J-1
Mar 22, 16 3:55pm
I'm safe: not living or working in Brussels.

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