Hmmm,where to start .I lived in Elmont,New York for most of my life until about 6 years ago when my family moved to Oceanside .I live with my grandmother,mom,dad, and brother .My mom's a vet tech so we have alot of animals .My dad's a corrections officer .My brother is a fat moron .I'm currently a student at Oceanside High School .This should be my last year there then it's out into the real world .Pretty much hate my school .Well,that's pretty much all there is to know about me .Actually it's all I feel like writing .


GAMES:Mostly gothic adventure type games .The Legacy of Kain series is my favorite of these .I also really like the Dynasty Warrior games .Wrestling games also .Fire Pro Wrestling A being my favorite at the moment .My favorite of all time is Vectorman for Genesis .

MOVIES:I like Horror and comedy most of all .My favorite comedy is Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo .Don't really have a favorite horror one .Right now the Hellraiser movies are my favorite series(mostly because I think the cenobites are awesome).Army of Darkness is my favorite movie overall .

MUSIC:Stuff like Godsmack,Rob Zombie,Disturbed .Godsmack is my favorite band .Rock is pretty much the only music I really like .


Punctuality is a virtue of the bored-Evelyn Wough
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Review: The Getaway - The Getaway-IT'S OK

Jan 29, 2003

Most People's first thought when they see The Getaway is that it's like GTA. You can control the character while in a car and while onfoot but that's pretty much where the similarities end. The Getaway is one of those games that gets too much hype...

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