Happy birthday Steve Rogers! :D
So is the entire second set of Homestuck trolls a tumblr pun or what?
After syncing my phone five times, it finally got the message that I want my music on it. >.>
Tori is officially a Slytherin! :D
Goddamnit, I don't want to do the *bleep*ing cold water challenge...
That awkward moment when you forget that you're logged into other sites while using tumblr and people were messaging you...
Tori is getting a pixie cut because Tori is done with long hair. Too much work. >.>
I just spent two hours making a tiny clay replica of the Chitauri scepter that Loki used in The Avengers. ._.
Officially a fan of The 1975.
I love finding out that songs from TV shows in your childhood have full versions. ^-^
The new Captain America movie did not disappoint. ^-^
So much new music from tumblr. Very happy. ^-^
A snow day in the middle of March. Something is up here and I'm not going to complain.
I got the part of the White Witch! :D I finally get to play the villain!
The ACT and MME have been physically exhausting. They're just tests, so why do I feel like I just ran a marathon?
Why did I think that dating sims would ever be a good idea?
It would be nice if my math teacher could actually explain how to do the assignment if you don't have a $150 calculator...
90 Zorua... Still no shiny... Off to go Wonder Trade them away...
Is it bad that I like the Frozen outtake songs better than the ones that made it into the movie?
I really wish I had a piano. I've been in a music-writing mood for a while, but I don't have anything to play it on. :/
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