lmfao. you freaked me out for a sec, but i think the pic is just blurry. read more


On a collapsed piece of highway, he and the structure are now, almost selectively, being pulled...


A princess cannot help but worry as the wind suddenly falls silent atop her castle tower. Below...


The kingdom of Alexandria is busied with great excitement as its people prepare for the performance of "I Want to be...

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It's become rather conventional for today's games to open with a roller coaster of CG...

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EDIT: Taking this down for use for another site. Lame, I know. Appreciate the...


Forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right – the WASD code gamers and developers...

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Please note this review only covers the core game and not The After Years or Interlude...

Again, it just feels like you're forcing the issue, because I really can't fathom how you drew up that analysis of... read more

I've been playing on the Japanese servers for a while now, and I really don't think the game is going to do all that... read more

This game is absolutely killer, wish it was coming to PSN as well and not just Vita. read more


It’s 1989, Miami, Florida. You’re at your bachelor pad when the phone rings, seems...

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Not used to troll articles, is all. Been a while since I've visited Kotaku.
You have the...
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Not used to troll articles, is all. Been a while since I've visited Kotaku. read more

Not a very good start to the new feature, I have to say.

First of all, this comment: "(read: losers without jobs)" is... read more

This seems really exaggerated? I wasn't impressed with Enslaved either but it wasn't bad enough to make me want to... read more

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Game is fantastic, though Momohime's campaign is much better than the dude's. read more

Am I the only one who felt the laughing scene was both appropriate and purposeful? The jokes about it are getting... read more


Squall is nearing the end of his studies at Balamb Garden, a campus host to mercenary...


Fal'Cies serve as the supernatural workers of Final Fantasy XIII's world, demigods...