I'm looking for a decent gun to go along with my Bee Shield to make it a bit easier farming raid bosses/loot midgets. I&a

Just read on another forum that the mode was in a patch for free the DLC was just the level cap. Has anyone done this? Do ene

I'm just before fighting Augustine for the second time. I decided to complete as many districts as possible but only the

Just been trying to watch a DVD and my PS4 reset itself. Tried again and reset again. This time it was just in a loop of swit

Can someone help me. I can connect to my Router using advanced settings which is connection 4 I believe and can use the Brows

I was out looking for a PS4 game and found a DSi for cheap so picked it up with this. This was a mistake because I then found

I don't have it just yet but would like to hear from the people who have. Especially @HU1CH13 with his tuning expertise

Start bowing to your master and marvel at how brilliant I am :)

@Pauliepoos has been confirmed as mod. Don't make him mad or he'll hit you with his stick while smoking a pipe

I want to watch NBA but only have access to my phone. I can't connect it to my TV. Was wondering if I could do it via my

I've just seen a rumour on the PS3Trophies boards saying the Online level cap is 999. Say this is true and depending o

I was playing with @jbh and others last night and I got an attribute upgrade pop up: Max Health - 20/100. Anyone know how

My main wish at the moment is to add bullet proof windows so randoms can't kill you without blowing up your car and getti

Post here if you're going Online. Atm, my internet is a bit dodgy, so I would like to get meet ups with UK/Europe peop

I've just pre-ordered but because I'm in the UK, I don't get it till Friday 4th October. The lovely Americans


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