Is it down for anyone else? It's being glitchy like friends not loading or games being unplayable. Me and @J917 have b

Seems the game is out in the US for pre-orders at least. Chris Smoove has a few videos up on youtube. The game looks good

Lets talk about any you may have noticed. My 1 that I notice a lot, opposing fans celebrating your goals. Also, Wembley

I've seen a video by HikesPlays where it was Snowing but saying it's a glitch? Is it a glitch or has R* done it or is

Thought I'd create a questions thread instead of making a new 1 for each question. When you do the Super, does the Orb

I've seen Lets Plays etc on Youtube and been looking at reviews. What I see on Youtube - Halo meets Borderlands. What

Say you create an Iron Sword at Smithing Level 15, is the Sword better created at Smithing Level 100 or does it only affect i

I'm not talking about things that are hard to discover or like Videos claiming no-one knew. I'm talking about playing

Started a new game, making sure I save semi regularly, still trying to get into the habit of saving. Anyway, I've died 3

Just pointing this out to people who don't check the store often. GTA V - 25 quid RDR & Undead - 8 quid. Actuall

Crew Mode has been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360. With it being exactly the same as 2K11, we're assuming that they will

I'm looking for a decent gun to go along with my Bee Shield to make it a bit easier farming raid bosses/loot midgets. I&a

Just read on another forum that the mode was in a patch for free the DLC was just the level cap. Has anyone done this? Do ene

I'm just before fighting Augustine for the second time. I decided to complete as many districts as possible but only the

Just been trying to watch a DVD and my PS4 reset itself. Tried again and reset again. This time it was just in a loop of swit

Can someone help me. I can connect to my Router using advanced settings which is connection 4 I believe and can use the Brows

I was out looking for a PS4 game and found a DSi for cheap so picked it up with this. This was a mistake because I then found

I don't have it just yet but would like to hear from the people who have. Especially @HU1CH13 with his tuning expertise

Start bowing to your master and marvel at how brilliant I am :)

@Pauliepoos has been confirmed as mod. Don't make him mad or he'll hit you with his stick while smoking a pipe

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