Tom ulitmate taz
May 5, 08 3:37am
Congrats on coming in 8th place in the GTA quiz 2008!

Crimson Fury ulitmate taz
Dec 6, 07 9:13am
Just passing through...

Zeek ulitmate taz
Aug 23, 07 8:56am
cause i do't want to die.....just kidding,i'm pissed off,cause gta 4 was delayed,well atleast,ill have more time to BMX.Anyways stay cool bro.
Machienzo ulitmate taz
Apr 24, 07 12:03pm

GTAIV coming soon! The pic of bellic has been edited by me! Hope you like!
Sperm ulitmate taz
Apr 22, 07 11:37pm
Good luck with completing GTA IV my fellow seeker.

I'm hoping I will polish this gayme off as soon as possible.

Enjoy it.

Tom ulitmate taz
Apr 20, 07 11:33pm
So close, taz. Better luck next year if you take part!

Ville_Valo ulitmate taz
Apr 19, 07 4:44pm
Eyyyyyyyyy. See you around all the time, so I figured that I'd click the link in your sig. I might even add my own, if it helps get some more action on my guestbook.

finalfantisiy ulitmate taz
Apr 6, 07 5:26pm
try to be head moderator of the vcs
you are a great mod go,go,go ultimate taz
you rock at moderating bye....................................
lara croft star ulitmate taz
Feb 19, 07 3:30am
i dont really lol but i want to know the secret and i didnt want to die. do do do fresh pineapple shake the tree. stil not 125 old macdonald had a farm and on that farm he had a cow.mooooooo,woof woof that should have done it.
Tancuras ulitmate taz
Feb 18, 07 11:00am
Just obeying the sig. I should give you something to remember, but I can't think of anything right now. Sign back. You know, or die. Heheh.
Tool_Fan_06 ulitmate taz
Feb 5, 07 2:51am
Hey taz i felt like being nice so i is signing your guestbook. SIGN BACK please. i dont have a stamp so....
Ville_Valo ulitmate taz
Jan 21, 07 1:19pm
I realized I had a guestbook just before, and that all these people are signing it. So yeah, heres my reply. Thanks
What's the big secret? Please tell me. *kisses shoes*
king rock ulitmate taz
Jan 12, 07 8:34am
hi nice stamp im just sighning random peoplem people
DutchBudokai_Fan ulitmate taz
Dec 30, 06 8:40pm
Hey Ulitmate Taz!
Yeah i still now who you are, see you arround a lot in VCS board too...
I havent been on Neo the last couple of months, so sorry for the lack of it...
I wish you a happy new year!
Son_Goten ulitmate taz
Dec 26, 06 12:41am

I just wanted to wish you a merry Chirstmas and off course a happy new year

Guess I will be seeing you in the forums next year.

kingmatt28 ulitmate taz
Dec 12, 06 11:06am
been talkin to you on the VCS forums im signin ,sign back plz

ps. i will sign again when i get a good stamp
ssjgoten ulitmate taz
Nov 30, 06 4:14am
we have known eachother in a long time old dragon balls memories huh?

here is one of my favorite pictures as cheers well see ya! ^_~
Slipknot15 ulitmate taz
Nov 28, 06 10:51am
Hey man..havn't been to the VCS board in a while..i might go check it out..but im singing back for your sign. And i dont have a stamp yet so when i get one i will send you one!

Peace out Bro!

Machienzo ulitmate taz
Nov 28, 06 6:12am

I'll sign your guestbook again with a better stamp. But, yeah, what's the secret?
Stitch ulitmate taz
Nov 28, 06 1:41am
Sure I will sign yours. and I've also seen you hanging around The GTA forums alot.

Mahalo and Aloha.
Have a nice day.
The Blue Flame ulitmate taz
Nov 27, 06 8:51pm
Why thankyou for your signing. Unfortunatly, I don't have a stamp. Instead, I'll use a random animated GIF. :3

Seeya around
Tom ulitmate taz
Nov 27, 06 3:23am
I'm signin' back. Here you go:

See you around, taz!

o_snuffles_o ulitmate taz
Nov 2, 06 5:08am
I seen you around lots of places and in the GTA forums so I tought I would sign your Guestbook.

Sign back
Chubbie Huicho ulitmate taz
Sep 29, 06 12:34pm
Since i dont want to die here is a stamp:

sighn back please
Early Bop ulitmate taz
Sep 2, 06 10:47pm
i'm signing because i don't wanna die,now you sign back or die!