My Friends (to prove that I really DO have some):

Amano Murokumo: We go way back. WAAAY back.
BSmith3: I lave him- I really lave him! ♥
Rust: Stalks like a champion~
Notoriety: Is just that cool.
Nissadex: Enjoys a good ear-scratch...



Oh, where to begin...

I enjoy enjoying myself, pretty much. Video games are a thing that helps me unwind- particularly the violent kinds. My favorites include Resident Evil 4, SSBB, Splashdown, and Conker's Bad Furday- a classic and fun-as-hell N64 game.

Writing is also a fun way to pass the time, and the most writing I do is when roleplaying (it's my anti-drug, I tell you). I've also dabbled some into poetry, which is amusing (though finding the inspiration to actually start and finish a good poem is usually out of the question).

I'm into art as well- equipped with a graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop 5.0; as well as my well-loved pencil set, clipboard and a big 'ol stack of paper. I can't say that I'm great, but I'm getting better.

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