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Feb 23, 11 5:19pm

Demetra sat in front of the vanity in her room looking in the mirror, and look a quick glance at the calander. Oh no, bring your child to school day. She groaned, got up and went downstairs. Her ittle sister Gemma was making a picture on the floor with milk, her mum too busy to notice and her dad putting flasks and test tubes into his case. he looked up for one moment, saw his daughter... and the gigantic mess on the floor. "Demetra darling, i'm bringing you to my lab with the other scientists today! As well as Gemma, of course." Grinned her father. The smile that was on Demetra's face dropped, and she looked over to her little sister who was now sitting on the frosties. "Dad, do i REALLY want to sit inside a empty test room with shiny white floors and ll the chemistry setstaken away, playing tea parties with my younger sister?!" Demetra objected. But now dad was getting in the car. Towelling down Gemma, the siblings jumped in the old hatchback and chugged off for the Test Lab. But little did Demetra know this was going to be the biggest change in her life...

Oct 15, 10 12:57am
is admireing her story (sims 2 story on the fourum)
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Oct 10, 10 4:38pm

i have been on neoseeker almost a year now.
i have met great people.
here are some.
1. aquamarinelily, you have stuck with my story and helped me find body shop on the sims 2. thanks.
2. LT23, you were one of my first neofriends. you help me loads and keep with my story. :)
3. phsycoblonde, you are kind to me and help me out. you also keep with the story.
4. xxxmoonlghtxxx , i may have not spelt your name right but you help me! :)
5. blush, are you on here anymore? i miss you :(
these are my hit l...ummm....friends! ¬¬

neoseeker related
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Oct 9, 10 4:49pm

1st place is.... pokemon battle dimension!
2nd place is.... yu-gi-oh 5ds!
3d place is.... justice league!

'ello,'ello,'ello, what 'ave we 'ear?
these criminals ar' wann'ed more than moon dust!
if 'oo find 'ese criminals, beware!

3d most wanted: power rangers
2nd most wanted: arthur
1st most wanted: backugan

there we have our suspects from rubbis.h.tv
if these criminals pop up on your tv, you may need to switch channels.

tv and shows
Sep 18, 10 10:20pm
is feeling proud of herself
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Sep 3, 10 1:04am

1: check the beach every day, you may find a note in a bottle or even a coconut!
2: to get the golden tools: shovel: you must have 2 shovels. bury 1 shovel for 3 weeks and dig it up to get a golden shovel! wartering can: keep the enviroment perfect for 3 weeks (keen on 3 weeks this game is)
3: when going to another players town, empty your pockets berfore going there. when at thier town, fill your pockets full of fruit and plant then at your town!

Aug 9, 10 9:22pm
is thinking about how little pokemon sprite work has developed over the years
Aug 8, 10 5:11pm
has had a struggle to get out of bed this morning.
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Jul 30, 10 4:06pm


Dragon Quest IX's Tag Mode feature will keep players hooked by letting them access new maps and items over a...

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Jun 14, 10 3:31pm


It wouldn't be a new Pokémon game without new pocket monsters to catch, would it?  The latest...

Jun 13, 10 3:55am
going on this more than stardoll now
Jun 8, 10 2:20am
computer is all i know!:)
Jun 7, 10 1:28am
hi, can anyone help with sims 2 cheats? no expansion pack ones
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