i was born and hear i am.

my best friends- dark arcanine,beenix,cherrysesons,lafol,cheater x, dragonluigi, minirizzle, sasuke7749, sweep

fav movies/shows-independeceday, transfourmers,godzilla, the alamo, pearl harbor, brave heart, dear devil, ghost rider, scholl of rock, bruce all mighty, the good the bad and the ugly, a fist full of dollers, ferisbullers day off, Ms.dougbtfire, pirats of the caribiian curse of the black pearl, pirates of the caribiiand dead mans chest, pirates of the caribiian at worlds end, signhs the alein movie, futurama, family guy, simpsons, south park, inuyasha, bleach, and some others i cant think of.

neo family
neo husbend- im not gay.

neo wife- im still free

neo brother- dark arcanine, , susuke7749, crysle creations, minrizzle, dragonluigi,

neo sisters- beenix, cherry blossum, card captor sakura, cheater x, lafol,

neocussin-sweep, 00100100, sleepingninetails,

if i missed u pm me.


pokemon, inuyasha, medal of honer allied assault, pokemoncreater, treadmarks, and others i dont feel like posting.
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