a big thanks to sacred serpant to making this! cheers, man

name: charlie andrew volland alex butler (or just CVB)
age: 13
born in: balleymena, ireland. now lives in london, england
hair and eye colour: brown hair/ brown eye and green eye, trippy
height: 5'4 ish.
phrase: ........lame.
Food: pizza! (maragritas)
Sweet: skittles!
Numbers: 3 and 13
Color: blue, dark blue, back, white
Animal: lizards, snakes, dogs, falcons+eagles.
Mythical Animal: Dragons, easy.
Drink: sprite, fanta, coke, lilt, 7UP, lucasade, lucasade sport, powerade, red bull light (im not allowed to have though :( )
Fave Game Platforms: dont mind really. soft spot for shooters, and burnout though.
Fave games: uncharted-drakes fortune (best game ever!), burnout paradise, tekken 5, medal of honour, crash team racing, rayman 3, fifa 09, wii fit, super smash brawl
Fave type of Movie: action, shooting, action, explosions, comedy
Fave Movie: the rock (with sean connery!), bourne ultimatum, epic movie, tropic thunder
Fave Cartoon: Family guy, american dad, south park, simpsons, futurama.
Fave Anime: just pokemon, we dont have the others.
Fave TV shows: monster jam (freestyle), whos line is it anyway?, 8 out of 10 cats
Fave type of music: heavy metal, DJ, rave whatver the hell prodigy is lol
Fave bands: metallica, kings of leon, prodigy, rage against the machine, red hot chilly peppers (most rock bands, basically)
Fave Pokemon: sceptile, kabutops and lugia

i was born Charlie Andrew Volland Alex Butler to a roman catholic irish family, in balleymena, november 9th/1995. we moved to england when i was about 1, to my nans house, near london. we stayed there for a few years, then moved into the house we have now, when i was 3 and had a baby brother.
i have Asperger syndrome, which means
"People with Asperger syndrome often display behavior, interests, and activities that are restricted and repetitive and are sometimes abnormally intense or focused. They may stick to inflexible routines, move in stereotyped and repetitive ways, or preoccupy themselves with parts of objects. They may also find it hard to socalise well with other people."[14] "Pursuit of specific and narrow areas of interest is one of the most striking features of AS.[1] Individuals with AS may collect volumes of detailed information on a relatively narrow topic such as dinosaurs or deep fat fryers, without necessarily having genuine understanding of the broader topic.[1][5] For example, a child might memorize camera model numbers while caring little about photography."
im now 12, heading straight on to 13, in year 8 at my school. im a top-notch all rounder, im good at basically everything i do, even if i dont like what im doing, such as maths.
im the captain of the rugby team, and play left-wing, taking down basically anyone who gets past the rest of our team. i also have an exceptional talent for english, art, drama and woodwork.
at home, i use draw or paint, go out and play football, cricket or rugby, watch tv (family guy rules!) play on my ps3 (uncharted rules) or go on the computer (wikipe- i mean neoseeker rules!).

samkuro- co-owner of the platiunm TC contest (eh, lucky boy?) and very talented TC maker and spriter. loves naruto so much lol, and just a cool guy to talk to. oh, and a very good FF writer too
pikachu 2008- one of the kindest people ive ever known. she helped me write escape 1, and the character may is dedicated to her in escape 2. co-owns quite a few RP's with bluepikky, and is also starting her own on pokefiction
forthbeat- most people would say "oh, dude. stop sucking up. you dont even know him that much", but its the things he has done which get him on here. he has judged, at one point, nearly every contest ive been in, and is the king of rants! plus he's helped me through a lot of tight situaions, including my stealing fiasco.
sacredserpant- very helpful, even giving time to help make my new neohome :D! a great writer also, and has started his awsome new piece 'bandit' on pokefiction. check it out!
fossilhunter- a great spriter. he started here about the same time as me, roughly, and has became WAY better at me in spriting :(
theundertakergonzo- we started extremely badly, but eventually worked it out. my first proper friend on this site, mainly in darkrai mystery RP, which ive rejoined. i had so much fun on it with him, but then he went to resident evil5. come back plz! ;(

i was playing Ty tasmanian tiger (reason of my name) and was really stuck, so googled ceats (hehe). i flcked through some sites and came to neoseeker. i quickly found what i needed. but i wondered if it was just cheats. i clicked on the link, and came to the whl Ty2 forum. ahh, so thats what this place was. i added the site to my favourites, knowing it was good.
i came back again while playing CTR to see what the forum was like there. it was much more active, so i stayed there for a while, meeting Ntrophydude, the first person i had ever added to my friends list, as he was so helpful, and didnt treat noobs like dirt which so many others do.
when pearl came ut, i bought it, then completed the game. i got bored and checked neo out to see what people thought of it, i was amazed to see how active it was. i went to darkrai mystery RP forum first, as that was top of the list. i joined, and met undertakergonzo, who became my first proper friend. bluepikky and pikachu2008 owned the RP, but i didnt know them that much then. me and gonzo had a blast, it was really fun for me. i felt like i belonged to something. deck ace later came, and he joined me and gonzo. but when the new darkrai mystery forum came, gonzo and deckace left, and i was alone.
then spriting came! i would enter every contest i could squeeze into, even though i was terrible. i dreamnt of getting onto the scoreboard, maybe in the hall of fame. this is when i first saw glimpses of legendary spriters, e.g aragornbird, ayra and met people who would become legendary spriters like fossilhunter and samkuro.
gonzo came back for a bit and introduced me to pokefiction. i was signing up to every RP i saw, and reading almost every FF and comic i noticed. i then started escape 1, my first FF, which pikachu2008 helped me with, who later became a very nice friend. it slowly died, but i revived it with escape 2-thoguhts and dreams.
now im in most pokemon forums, and a few other ones, like GTA and guitar hero 3. you'll see me nearly everywhere, lol ;(

it cant be fire,
that would burn through
it cant be a human
they need something to do
its actually just dust
i wanted to disappoint you

im usually in spriting contests, TC contests, pokefiction a lot now, sprite threads, and loads more

my msn address (e-mail) is cvb.charles@hotmail.com, so add me and we can have a chat-chit!
or you can just pm me and talk there! i get so lonely in my mansion, lol