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turtwig master
Jun 21, 09 2:09pm
i completed campaign all i need are three achivements TheConduit
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  • "game of the year shooter for the wii? i think not. the wii remote being the only option was a bad move.... gamecube controller please? TheConduit"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 9:03pm
  • "The conduit is hands down the best fps in regards to control second only to Prime 3. TheConduit"
    Ixillius Jan 29, 11 4:26pm
  • "The opening introduction and first few minutes of game play are superb and do well to give the wii a good name....then it just got boring TheConduit"
    SirBiznatchII Apr 4, 10 9:20am
  • "pm me if u wanna add me, looking 4 peeps w/ wii speak. TheConduit"
    Torag62 Feb 27, 10 3:14pm
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