By the Pnoy himself..
Thanks for the help with my problems on Soul Reaver. I've decided to sign your guestbook as a way of saying thankyou. I'm gonna send my disc off for cleaqning. That may help.
Thanks for signing my guset book man. How do you mean improve my spelling. Il'e have you know that I have great spelin und diction.

It good to see your commited to the anti gamshark campaign. Isin't it a pity you can use a gameshark to cheat on your girlfriend.

Well this is what you get for asking me to sign your guestbook

Oh ya Eat Pot Noodle!
I was looking at my guestbook and decided to sign your's because I'm kind, now would you be equally.... oops, mine's already signed...
Hey hows it going well I don't know you very well but we got alot of games in common I like RE3,Metal Gear,Syphon filter and more.
LOL. Sorry, I didn't noticed that you signed my guestbook. If I knew, I would sign your's earlier...

You look like an interesting dude to me. Always defending your opinion about certain stuff. That's what makes you interesting.
You are saved from the hideous torment that would have been bestowed upon you had you not signed my guestbook. (It coulda been a good suggestion...just needs some heavy duty refinement;))
I saw you around and I just thought I'd pop in and sign your guestbook, seeing as I'm that nice! j/k... ttyl, and keep it real and sign my g-book .

Yeah I agree with the Galerians game , that game is the coolest Well see you around the Galerians forum then Keep your opinions strong about the gameshark

Thanks for signing my guestbook mate, i am glad to have helped you out with the gaps for Tony Hawk 3, hopefully we can continue to help each other out when tony hawk 4 comes out!!!

talk to you soon mate,
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Stay cool. Hope too see you around neoseeker alot. .