PN0yplayinURMOMMA tunchi
Jul 04, 03 12:20pm


By the Pnoy himself..
Jab tunchi
Feb 14, 03 2:51pm
Thanks for the help with my problems on Soul Reaver. I've decided to sign your guestbook as a way of saying thankyou. I'm gonna send my disc off for cleaqning. That may help.
Necrin tunchi
Nov 06, 02 10:51pm
Thanks for signing my guset book man. How do you mean improve my spelling. Il'e have you know that I have great spelin und diction.

It good to see your commited to the anti gamshark campaign. Isin't it a pity you can use a gameshark to cheat on your girlfriend.

Well this is what you get for asking me to sign your guestbook

Oh ya Eat Pot Noodle!
sONYFREAK tunchi
Oct 06, 02 2:57am
I was looking at my guestbook and decided to sign your's because I'm kind, now would you be equally.... oops, mine's already signed...
Ruben tunchi
Sep 14, 02 5:00pm
Hey hows it going well I don't know you very well but we got alot of games in common I like RE3,Metal Gear,Syphon filter and more.
cool3Dman tunchi
Sep 03, 02 8:00pm
LOL. Sorry, I didn't noticed that you signed my guestbook. If I knew, I would sign your's earlier...

You look like an interesting dude to me. Always defending your opinion about certain stuff. That's what makes you interesting.
Crocodylus tunchi
Aug 23, 02 10:48pm
You are saved from the hideous torment that would have been bestowed upon you had you not signed my guestbook. (It coulda been a good suggestion...just needs some heavy duty refinement;))
Amberish Persona tunchi
Aug 21, 02 11:04pm
I saw you around and I just thought I'd pop in and sign your guestbook, seeing as I'm that nice! j/k... ttyl, and keep it real and sign my g-book .

Chibi_Lulu tunchi
Aug 02, 02 12:51am
Yeah I agree with the Galerians game , that game is the coolest Well see you around the Galerians forum then Keep your opinions strong about the gameshark

Yergin tunchi
Aug 01, 02 11:43am
Thanks for signing my guestbook mate, i am glad to have helped you out with the gaps for Tony Hawk 3, hopefully we can continue to help each other out when tony hawk 4 comes out!!!

talk to you soon mate,
gta3 dodo master tunchi
Aug 01, 02 4:51am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Stay cool. Hope too see you around neoseeker alot. .