Hi I'm just going around signing some random and not random guestbooks because I've got nothing better to doXD

have a nice day~
I can't sign on the other account since i signed it twice already(stupid guestbooks) and i guess i'm a guestbook whore and shouldnt have been signing so often anyway. whatever!!! i needed you sign with THIS

Thats your fav song by them isnt it I like it too :]]

So what if it's two weeks away happy Valentines but mostly I'm showing off this hottness: :]

Psst I have a secret. Be-chan is my favorite internetz friend ever X3.
And while those other girls are being fluffed by their boyfriends we've got hotties movies and chocolate.

I've got the best Valentine ever this year, lol
Aw I wouldn't want to hurt Izu-chan's feelings! :[ I missed you I'm glad we can talk again let's keep PMing and have fun this year okay! happy late new year! (normally the stamp would be alot cooler but I've gotta leave in a sec >:[

<3 ya girl!
Hey, you were right Abbey. Toshiro and Momo ARE in love. This proves it:

And Aizen is a jerk. I didn't finish the last two missions of the game when we were talking about their love for eachother, so I didn't see all that went down, but now that I did, I understand now.

Sorry for not believing,

~Pedro Halliwell/Toshiro Hitsugaya

Haha yeah, you should start PM-ing me lol, or probably you could add my MSN addres
Merry Christmas, Abbey. I know you'll be having a threesome, foursome, or maybe even a fivesome today, so get out there and have a jolly ol' time!

And you KNOW Toshiro rules, so just give it up already.

Now I gotta get outta here before I get eaten by the maneater, so, see ya!

Happy Holidays Abbey! Another year gone like nothing. Hope you have a good one, and see later! =]

I hope you have an awesome Christmas and a great New Year

Good luck with everything.
Take care

Thanks for the Turkey Day stamp. Hope you had a good holiday, because I sure did. It was five days long, too. It's hard to get back into the school routine with homework and having to go to bed early and all. =[

Well, see you around, and I just mailed your letter today. Sorry it took so long! XP

Hey girl! Thanks for the thanksgiving stamp
well, how was your Thanksgiving?
I've already used my stamp so here is something cute for you

Lets chat sometime

Happy Late Thanksgiving, Abbey!

And btw, Toshiro will ALWAYS pwn Izuru.
lol i only signed ur GB for Izu-chan... im only joking .

o and lol u dont hav to sign back.
Hello, remember the last guest book signing I give you with the alive Fall Out Boy's?
Well this is their deaths. I hope you enjoy this picture again....
Hillo I'm just going to sign your guest book because (I don't know why) It's the thought that counts.
I stamp you WAYWAYWAY too much. Sorry about being a stalker but you have to see this stamp! >w<

Just made this : D Because I just so HAPPNED to be thinkin of ya

YAI! its ur birthday!! r u excited?? cuz u should be!!!


lol i was bored and after i saw your neohome i thought this was necessary

your the bestest friend ever!
lets keep talking in PM!!
What's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Princess trunksluver!

Hai. Nice to see you're still hangin' around Neo. Last year this time we'd still be noobs. LAWL. Hope you have a good holiday. Here's a picture of a bunny to celebrate =D!

Peace Out Home Skillet,

so heres a special ubar sexy stamp haha

hope to talk moree
Happy Neo-Birthday! I bet you thought that I forgot =P!

A year ago, we'd be just meeting each other. I remember it all; it's really ironic. XD

Sort-of random signing, but I just wanted you to let you know I remembered =).

Peace Out,
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Years. Have a great year, and hope this one was great too. Sign back if you can^^

sorry i missed signing you around christmas! i hope you like my stamp!

signlimitsahfgvbuyvau byebye!