ok so school is starting soon and i got lots to do . i need to buy new clothes , new supplies , go to registration , ect . but im still good . ive got it all planed . still i dont want school to start . basically cause summer seem so short . and going back to school means more responsibility . too bad school doesnt start in october . i could go for one more month . people call me and lets do something before school starts . bye


like to play: action . rpg . fighting . ect.
to be specific: pokemon series . animal crossing wild world . nintendogs . cooking mama . children of mana . final fantasy series . soul calibur series . super smash bro series . few selected zelda series . kingdom hearts series . ect.

right now playing: final fantasy x2 . pokemon ruby version


like listening to : acoustic . rock . indie . electro

listen to right now: jacks mannequin cd


like to watch: disney channel . mtv . cartoon network . vh1 . g4 tech tv . x games . fox 11 . nickelodean . or anything intresting to me .

watching right now: disney channel


like to go see : action . adventure . comedies . ect.
to be specific: x-men . fantastic four . fun with dick and jane . and much more .

latest movie i saw: acceptance