how ya like me now/ I go blough/ it's that sh*t that moves crowds/ making every ghetto foul/ I might have took your 1st child/ scarred ya life,crippled your style/ I gave you power,I made you buckwild
"I Gave You Power" -Nas


My mind is where I'm revolutionary/
think about it, it's real and I'm not very/ free in this society we claim to be/ a part of yet can't control it... it controls we/ as a people, not individually/ getting together is half the battle, can't you see?/ the other half is trying to work together to agree/ if we could do that, then we'd all be more than free...


we not toppin the chart/but we keep it poppin with art/form thats live & uncut/impregnate minds like nut/ with words worth while/serious super shine style/check the magnificence/of the FILTHEE Immigrants
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Review: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - Wow this is a great PSone game...

Jun 9, 2003

this is a great game for psone im relly surprised that a game this good looking could exist on that platform. even today with the next gen systems it is still worth checking out. the best feature has got to be raziel's ability to shift between the...

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