Thar' ya' go!

It's the king of the O RLY owls.
I have noticed that I have not been very socially active with my friends, I am quiet and shy, and I'm afraid I might say something stupid.

So I've decided the least I can do for you is sign your guestbook.

~Yoshi Egg~
You're a freaking idiot, do you know that? You inspired me to listen to Kanye West, and now I've been listening to 'Stronger' for like an hour straight. Wtf is your problem dude? Get your crazy hop-hop liking antics out of here!

Here is my stamp for you.

I'm just returning the favor lol
Here's my stamp-
Your sig banner is fab-u-licious!

(wtf? there's a min. of 125 characters for a guestbook entry, so I'm typing this crap as filler.)
Thanks for signing my guestbook! And also I read your profile, and you're a really smart person from what I can tell, anyway I'm signing now because I'm not banned anymore, thanks! Bye!

~Yoshi Egg~
Just returning the favor and thanks for the stamp and your banner is awesome!
Hello. I'm just signing random pictures guest books.. and ummm yeah that's about it.
Hey, I got new sexy stamps!

Woo-hoo for women!!

I'm in the mood for a hotdog.

But I don't have hotdog material.


You're officially my new best Neo-buddy.


Is your custom title your birthday?

Hey, I will sign yo GB, I got something better then a stamped.

You got your own cell phone, oh and the fire is real, ciao.
Hey, first time signing your g. So I thought I'd sign and say hi. Oh and you don't need to give me a cookie, my dick's already in there. Oh wait, my hand's in there. Sign back bitch!
Thank god your not one of those "Cookie giving" people. I don't give a crap about cookies.

I'm here to sign your GB, I haven't talked to you in a long time. So I hope to see you around.

You signed my guestbook so I'm signing back. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk damn 125 character limit.<br /><br />~UL
I'm not sure if I signed your GB already, but I just want to show you my stamp.

Beatles ftw. Not *bleep* the world. F. T. W. Except Wild Honey Pie. I dropped to my knees after that album was played today by my friend. Anyway, see ya.
Well, It's that time of year again. I made a NEW and IMPROVED stamp, and I thought I'd share it with you! (beware, it's big)


That actually gave me a good laugh, haha. Your comedic performance has garnered a guestbook signing from PL, one of the most sought after things on Neoseeker. Tell your friends and feel proud!

Well, at least I'm not someone random wishing you a happy birthday. Was that all through MSN or PM or what? XD Anyway, here's to one more birthday. Before you know it you'll be 80, and then dead. Isn't that great to know! :'D

With much luff,
I've been to Katy a few times, been to the mall alot also. But as for Loz,
Keep alive the Zelda threads! Now! Or you won't get any cookies!
Oh and Volvagia hates you.
Hello, it's me. Just letting you know that the OoT forum misses you. Oh, and I'm supposed to give this to you:
How can I forget to sign your guestbook? o well, I'm signing it right now.

I'll see you at teh forums.