Because I like to copy people and what they do on their profiles, I feel obligated to tell you about my greatest Neofriends and what I love about them.

NeoConservie: I pride myself in being one of the few guys on this website who is her actual friend and doesn’t just claim to be one. It’s creepy how similar our interests are, and I can assure you, we’re two separate people. I will never forget the day I first spoke to her; she PMed me and said that after reading some of my posts, she could conclude that I was rude, conceited and selfish. I called her a bitch. We became friends right away. She’s funny, charming, and a good kid. And yeah, apparently she’s hot or something. Keep in mind though that if you piss her off, she’s not going to let you forget about it.

Ecto5: My first Neofriend here. I never really talk to him anymore because he’s gotten so “busy” or some shit like that, but that doesn’t take away what all we did a couple of years ago. He and I ran the Ocarina of Time forum before it got regulated by supers, and with our work and dedication, we made it the third most popular forum on the whole *bleep*ing site. That’s how awesome we are. Now I don’t post there because it’s gotten extremely lame, but he still does. That’s just how dedicated he is.

DivineDragoon23: He’s the guy that I beat down the block with. End of story.

criscrazy: Yeah, we had a little bit of a rough start at first, except now he’s uber cool. He always was, but then he did something that I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about, so talk about it I won’t. Now we just kind of talk about random shit over MSN, and it’s all good now. To sum it up, his name is Cris and he’s crazy. =P Yeah, he’s not going to like that one.

tornjinx: This is seriously one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met. We’re definitely going to have to meet up in the real world some time in the future, although he’s probably going to think that’s really weird. He’s my fellow Southern gentleman, so he knows what I’m talking about when I start mentioning mint juleps and belles and stuff like that. He’s also one of the few people I know that knows what the Confederate flag really means. Rock on.

Enth E Nd: Yeah, we formed this temporary alliance thing that lasted for like, two days or something, but we were still a *bleep*ing alliance! Now we talk about random shit like… stuff…

Xtrordinary: Sorry if I spelled your name wrong, dude. I was too lazy to look it up. So yeah, this guy is probably one of the most unique people that I’ve ever talked to over the Internet, and it’s *bleep*ing hilarious when he starts going on about some random shit. I know that seems blunt and not really to the point, but it’s true!

NeVeRmInDmE: Yeah, I really don’t know that much about you, but I do know that you’re a friend of Lizzie’s, and any friend of Lizzie’s is a friend of mine. It’s kind of interesting though that you don’t really post around that much like you did the first couple of days you came here. I know that it says you’ve logged on recently, but I already know that that’s just Lizzie logging on to IRC to talk to Steely. =P Stick around. You’re a good kid.

Various: HE IS MY SEX GOD!1!!

ThE hAtE lIsT!

OMG, THE HATE LIST!1!! Here you will find who I have a problem with and why I have problems with them. I’m writing this because I actually have the balls to do it.

Mystik Saiyan: I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s funny to read what this guy has to say, but after a while he’s just a thorn in your ass. If you ever say anything to disagree with him or correct him, he will blow up and accuse you of being a coldhearted mother *bleep*er and go on a righteous crusade about how he has sensitivity issues and is the only one on the whole website that has an ounce of kindness in him. Then he’ll go on and call you a bitch and threaten your family, even though he lives in Greece and has probably the shittiest grammar since Kevin26. After his crusade, he’ll realize how *bleep*ing *bleep*ed he was and delete all of his posts and act extremely innocent, claiming that he took back all the things he said. How nice it was of me to get him banned. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but if you’ve been around to see what he’s done, you can thank me via PM. =D


Yeah, it’s REALLY about time that I updated this thing. I doubt too many of you are going to actually sit and read this, mainly because there’s absolutely no reason for you to get to know me. At least with Lizzie (or Neoconservie, as you might have known her) you had a reason. By the way, all of you dudes that read her profile to try to impress her into some kind of online relationship are really *bleep*ed, to be honest. Get a real girlfriend. She would never go out with you even if she lived near you and was still single.


My favorite pastime would be socializing. I do it everywhere; at school, on the phone, over the Internet, at the mall, etc. I’m always on the lookout for new friends, except during the summer. Summer is just my time to stay isolated so that when the school year comes again, I’ll be really excited to see my friends. Really, I look forward to school because I’ll get to be around people my own age the whole time. There are practically no kids at all in my neighborhood, so I have to rely on my videogames and Internet to keep me entertained.

On the subject of videogames, I love them, but I’m really not what you would call an addict. I mainly play Nintendo: that’s what I grew up with, and that’s what I’m still growing up with. I’m primarily into Metroid and Zelda, although Mario can provide a few good laughs. Really, that’s it. I’ve played Halo before, but I absolutely suck, and anything on the PlayStation is not for me because I just lose interest way too easily. No matter what console I play, though, I always like to think that there are better things that I could be doing, which is where the next paragraph is heading to.

I like to think of myself as an intellectual that isn't full of postmodernist bullshit.

Stage performance is one thing that I absolutely love doing. I love to sing and dance, and no, I’m not a fag for enjoying this. Although it’s true, my best performance I’ve ever given was when I sang and did hand performance to Madonna’s “Vogue”, I can guarantee you that I like to consider myself a full-blooded heterosexual. As far as acting comes, I like to do it, but it’s nothing that I jump on when I get the chance like singing. I also absolutely despise my drama teacher as well, so there’s another reason for you.

I’m not stupid. Seriously. I won a *bleep*ing plaque for being an outstanding History student (it even has a name: Woodman of the World Award XD). I was also the only kid in my class last year to have maintained all A’s the whole junior year. I don’t plan on becoming valedictorian next year, but I’m still high up there when it comes to GPA. I don’t spend my nights studying away, though. God gifted me with an extremely great memory, and I only have to read over things once or twice to remember it for a test. It’s something that I like to brag about.

I love sports. I don’t actually play sports though because I absolutely suck at them. I have possibly the worst dexterity in the state of Texas and can’t run for long distances to save my life. I have a shitload of friends that play on teams, though, so I like to think that makes up for it.

Music is a major part of my life. I listen to everything, and when I say that, I mean that if an artist of any genre releases a single on the radio and it gets decent airplay, I can guarantee that I’ve heard it before. I’ve recently taken up buying albums with whatever money I can get, so my collection is getting bigger and bigger all the time.

Yeah, that’s enough about me right now. If you actually read all of it, good job, you get a cookie.


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The worst you might have is some drunken Irishman trying to bash your skull in with a cricket bat. The worst we might have here involves fully-automatic AK-47s smuggled in from Mexico.
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