Hi guys, Just wondering with the scouts do u ever get an overall rating of a player when they scout them further?


LF Other Events especially kangakhan with the move wish. Birthday eeveelutions Movie17 darkrai

As title says i have 2 mega kick pikachu for trade looking for offers mainly events and 5/6 iv kb shinies

BUG TEAM pinsir @pinsirite jolly moxie/aerilate 252 atk/252 speed physical sweeper

Hi there as title says I'm looking for a ledyba with drain punch as I can't work out how to get it If anyone could h

LF HA shelmet doesn't need to be shiny or high iv just need it for breeding anyone have one?

Hello there I'm looking for a foreign 6iv male gligar/gliscor and a foreign male 6iv eevee as I'm trying to breed a l

As title says i'm looking for a nidoran male with the hustle ability. If anyone has one i'll trade them a mew &am

Hi guys these are the pokemon i can breed 5-6iv magby timid, flame body with egg moves (flare blitz, thunder punch, focus

hi there im looking for these 4 pokemon ill be willing to trade an ability capsule for 2 or a shiny 6iv houndour & cap

hey there just looking for these for the dex. No IVs needed just a normal paras & venonat ill trade for an ability capsul

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