YAY hope you have a great birthday! *hugs*

ahhhh nottin better than a 350 kt mohawk nuclear bomb mushroom-cloud idn't there?
Lately I've been a little lax when it comes to guestbook signings. Actually, I've been pretty anti-social in general. Hopefully things will start perking up a little. I love you all, and hope that we can keep in touch. If we haven't PMd each other for a while, then give me a good kick in the butt and send me a message. I wish you luck in all you do, so may your affairs prosper!

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Hi...I am Chococat277. I've seen you around the wrestling forums so I just wanted to stop by your buestbook and give ya a stamp! It's a very sexy stamp too! Well...here it is!

It's destiny! He will get the title back in his hands very very soon! Just you wait and see.

♥Happy Valentine!♥

Hey there, cutie. ^^

Happy Valentine's Day!
happy valentine to you~! wish everyone happy forever

my favourite guitarist~
*bleep* THE WORLD in your sig... you know too much.

Winning Days: Track 11
yes, i'm crazy

"there's a hidden meaning to all things that happen
I hope you'll remain yourself even if your dream begins to vanish
because I'll always be here"


Just random signing.
See you around

Just going on a random signing spree! See ya around.


Awww, cute avatar!

All the best for '05. ^^
I have seen you about and thought I would sign your guest book. Keep up the funny posts.

Sorry I've been really busy, I lost my stamp, and oh my gosh things have been hectic. That stamp you signed with, It was so cool! Thanks a lot. Maybe you can PM me of something. I want to be back on neo, and make a new neofried of two.. or five! I've just really...I don't know. Just, hear from you later!
Hello everyone! Here is a little something for you all! I hope you like this Christmas E-Card!!



Hey. Seen ya around Neo. Popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas.


I'm here to wishy you a merry xMas
    And a Happy new year
Hope you have a great holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Treecko, I've missed you so much! Where have you been?

WHOA that's one cool looking neohome. I'm not saying that because there's yuri involved. I like the dark colours and stuff though, and I'm one of your best friends? And I'm your love, slice of heaven, and your angel? Awww. *hugs warmly*

Happy Holidays! Let's talk soon okay? I miss ya.
you said you didnt want or deserve anything for Christmas, now I must give you something for being so humble... Its better than socks. My one and only stamp

Yeah its obvious I did it on paint -_- But I love it nevertheless !

Trick or Treats ppls.......
......ooh... I guess I'm a few hour early.... [-.-"] [well for me that is]
Hi ya ppls, Happy Halloween =^.^=
I'm just here signing g-book =D
Sign mynes baq kk?

oops... forgot candies
hereys have some stamps instead XD

Have a spook-takular Halloween now ^^
cyu round Neo ! )
<3 Sweet Blossom
Everyone's starting these early so I might as well
Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy it whilst I'm going... to church And enjoy the reeses that you can't have and that I'm eating

Have a great one!
Angel Blade27