The ultimate warrior died woah just two days after appearing on Raw how he died was not said it's impossible for me to believe he looked fine on Raw
Everyone's so excited for the nintendo direct and I have to work on my science project ugh

Hey guys this is a OU team I use on showdown and I'm really enjoying it so I plan on making it my main team so I would li

I feel a 2nd staright year for louisville coming up we got this!
Tornado Watch here I freaking hate these things so much

All right I have a serious issue with this thing ever since it got knock off it takes at least 2 of my poke's down when i

Well I'm back on here sorry to anyone that was affected which i doubt but I'll be on here daily now So see ya around!
Ugh had to test for like 4 hours today atleast we got to see a movie I guess!
Logs in to Neo wayyy too much
300 posts Ohhh Yeahhhh
one of the best wii and mario games ever in my opinion SuperMarioGalaxy2 Wii
i loved this game took me some time to beat it though lol WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 X360
good game can be hard if you pick the wrong partner PokemonMysteryDungeonRedRescueTeam GBA
i LOVE pokemon emerald it's my second favorite pokemon game besides pokemon black! PokemonEmerald GBA
Awesome game better with multiplayer MarioKartWii Wii
great game strongly reccomond this to any pokemon fan PokemonBlackVersion DS

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