Guess what? You've been stamped!!! Yay, weird cow!!! Yay!!!

Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got double stamp'd

I dont know you very well, but I do know that you beat me out for first in the Hurt and Heal! =D

You've been stamped by (second place) Jenn. =D
Been a while, how are you? I haven't really talked to you since the elebits forum died

~Menk ~
Sorry i havnt been on. o and thanks for signing my GB. i love ur stamp its kewl.

Thanks again ( o and lol u dont have to sign back)
About time I signed your guestbook lol..
My stamp-

Keep cool
Just dropping by to say yo and to show off my first stamp evar.

Have a good one.
I have decided to give you the rare honour of signing your guestbook, mainly on account of how cool the Phantom of the Opera is. It's good to see that people out there have a good sense of entertainment.

I have a feeling this will be a very silly guestbook entry if you change your picture.
Hey jinx, I have no idea why I didn't sign this earlier but considering we're friends I thought it was my rightful duty^_^

Anyway thanx for accompanying me in the Twilight Quiz you're doing a great job of it to!

Sorry I have no stamp, but I look forward to talking to you more!
thank you, for being a good friend, and a nice person to talk to for almost anything. so, I thought that this GB signing would be my way of saying thanks!
ur my second on my guestbook frenzy

don't really have much to say except i don't really care for the wolf in ur sig, but whatever.

sorry, i don't have a stamp yet
We've had some pms, and I like to sign my new friends' guestbooks. You are a cool person, keep it up.

Signing Spree, and I see you everywhere so I had to sign you.
I want my $1,000,000 back now.
Hey people this guy=coolness! so take my word and when you meet him make sure you go HEY TORNJINX
You can find him on the twilight princess fourm!!!
thanks on the help on myjores mask sorry about that it dosent have my name on it but atleast i tried
Thought i'd sign your guest book. By the way love the avatar. Sign mine if you want.
Thanks for signing I'll sign back

Do you see it blurry? I don't!
just signing your GB.

credit goes to Pet dreamer
You signed mine so I'll sign urs.

Hope we can be buddies!
sign back please

hey thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

sign back^_^
hi here is a stamp(sign back^_^)

(credit goes 2 Yoshistar)
Hi i thought i would sign your guestbook since i have done a few other peoples lately,i hope if you get time you can sign mine..