I know u like gir but i love gir so back off! lol naaa im jokeing well anyways i just wanted to sign your guest book and i hope u sign mine!

P.S.Will u be my neo freind?

I didnt do it!
i've got a new stamp so...

so i'll be going now...
out that door->
over there...
and watch out for tim the woodland badger,
he stole my wallet,
and my watch,
and my shoes for some reason,
i'll ask him about that when i see him.
but hes probly escaped so i can't go in those woods anymore soooo,

i'll be going now...
out that door->
over there...
so abouuu...

Yo was up its me The night of destruction TORMENTOR RRRR.I want to ask have you been on neoseeker before you started writing on neoseeker threads and practice cause your threads are proffesinal.

Your Bud!Tormentor
From now on I will refer to you as Monkey No1...I did my end of the deal so now, Monkey No1, you are one of my mind...slave...thingys...AGH!!!

*runs out of door screaming*
ME signing ur buukie i mean ur g-buukie oh yeah burp fart weeezzzz zzzzzzzzzz and so on ,,,,,,,, just filling spaces . sign mine will you im lonely hungry and there are wolfs after me .
Thanks I didn't no that I put Two of the Prince of Persia.You must like video games and Dragonballz as much as I do.I like your Dragonballz vegeta and Buu picture can you teach me how to put a picture on my signiture.Buddy
Hi.Wats up.Tahnks for all the help on Boudokai 2.I'll make sure that I ask you when I need more help.Thanks!
~Cya in the forums~
Hey I just thought I'd sign the guest book because I've seen you in the Dragonball forum and you seem alright. Plus I heard you're english. Great if it's true. Hope I'll see you around ~*Keri*~ Blessing be upon this guestbook.
Thx for signing mine.....I am glad you like the banner i made you......HAHA..............Well.....I am signing yours because i felt i had to.......to pay you back for signing mine.....see you in the forum.......
i've been going around signing peoples guestbooks so...

and sign my guestbook...
You don't need to thank me for signing your guestbook...I always try to do good deeds for others. Just remember.........ah nevermind.