Hey Tommex, old friend. Well I decided to sign your Guestbook, finally, well here:

See Ya around.
haha, here I am signing your guestbook...Why you ask? Well, I really have no idea. Anyways, I hope you pick up the Budokai 2 forum. You wanted it for so long, it would be nice to see you finally get it. Too much spam in that place for my liking.=P See you around...

hi what's up man? are you feel ok? i hope so, see u later in the budokai 2 forum

You visited a link in my sig so:

Thanks for signing my guestbook tommex; I'm really grateful. My guestbook is starting to look to shape now with a few posts and I'm signing your in return as a thanks! Yours should look a bit better now because every little helps.
saw joo veli active in lougin' forum, so meh ish here to stamped joor GB:P


Yea, this is for making me come back to the freakin' DBZ: Budokai 2 forum.

Just thought I'd sign your guestbook since I've seen you around, and you seem like a cool dude.

And one more for good luck.

Delete the other post. Heres my nwe stapm!

I can't beleeve that I have been in the Resistance for 3 weeks and i havent sined yor Gbook

thanks for signing my guestbook, now I sign yours

I am part of the resitance go on join as well...
and while your joining and getting a t-shirt (t-shirt not incuded), banner and avatar made by me....
yay banner, boo the man.......whoever that is...

PM Tommex (or me, don't ask me) for info...
the avatars and banners kick ass man. i love it. keep on keepin on. ok i have to have AT LEAST 125 characters. I should at least be able to come up with that many but i dunno. Ummm lets see 125 characters thats alot. i fi knew how to stamp i would.

What is it?

Mucha Lucha! or something?

I beg for you my master


im signing your guestbook but it has to be quick as tim the woodland badger is after my wallet agin...
he has a ski mask and everthing...
he likes to steal my shoes but he doesn't wear them i'll have to ask him about that cos he broke out of the minum sercurity prison again...
you'd think theyd lock him up in a stronger place next time wouldn't you, but they don't and i loose my wallet...

but oh well....shit TIM!!!!!
send for helpppppppppppp
*draged off by ski mask wearing badger*
*badger*i like your shoes bwahahaha

You made me a banner so I decided to sign your guestbook.
Keep the good work up...

I finally found your guest book. I hope we can all talk some time.What kind of games do you go in and post messages. Thanks for telling me how to find the guest book because I am new and I don't now how to use this that well. Okay by.
Thanks alot for doing my banner i really like
and i hope the edited one is even better...................gdhfldWANGCHUNfejio
Hey, anytime Tommex. Thanks for signing my guestbook. Also, keep posting a lot.

I don't have any stamps...........so i guess i can't stamp your guestbook. Plus keep up the good work with your banners and avatars.
hi tommex what'up? everything alright? i just want to say thanks on the banner you create for me

from me
revenger of wastelan
Thanks for making me a avatar and a banner.
You wanted me to sign your geust book so here I am...

<--Stupid - Length - Thing-->
I thought seeing as your making me a banner and you've signed my guest-book, I thought... hmmm.... do I like cheese... or is that my dog... I KNOW LET'S SIGN TOMMEX'S GUESTBOOK! So here I am... uuuh... what now?... anything?... what?... GARLIC BREAD?!... GARLIC!!!... AND BREAD!!!... AM I HEARING YOU RIGHT?! GARLIC BREAD?!!! No thank you!! Not having any of that foreign muck! I got some Milk Roll here that'll do me!
What happen to Zim and the wanna be robot dog..Who Is your favorite character on sonic my is...Sonic..Is yours Knuckles or who...
I wouln't stand in your way if you want to sign my guest book.
You seem like a nice guy, so I thought I'd sign your guest book. It's nice to see Sonic fans around still. I've loved all the sonic stuff ever since I was *measures up from the ground* that high. So many memorys.

Well, see ya around.

From the one and the only 5% sane demon Lover
i have another new stamp so here you go

i'll be going now...
out that door->
over there...
so abouuu...
*points the other way*
*runs away screaming about mooses*