Was just on a signing spree so I decided to sign

Bye the one and only,
Hey there, I've seen you around the forum. So I thought I would sign you guestbook. ^^"


Alo-ha Bro-ha!

You are the first to get my new stamp mate, 'cos your my *sniggers* favourite neobro:

See ya around neo...

Because of your inner strength...
I know you can do anything you set your mind to...
Remember that there's always a light amidst the darkness.
~*Expect the unexpected*~
*Reads entry below this....

What the *bleep*, crazy bitch.

Anyway, i was bored so i did this, great isnt it.

Now i gotta do 125 characters, *bleep*ing thing, *bleep* it. *bleep*! I cannot believe you do not *bleep*!

*bleep*ing censored *bleep*.

I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick

Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around tommex. Sign back if you want...
I just noticed that i've given you the same stamp twice. lol, that's some funny stuff right there. Bah, here's another picture for ya.

Hey, if it isn't my favorite wanna-be mod! How ya doin these days?XD Hopefully one day, you'll get that mod spot you've been wanting for so long. Haha, talk to you later man. Really, you're a cool dude, adios.

I can't believe I haven't signed you Guestbook yet. Well I love the new avatar, it totally sums you up.

Here my stamp

Hey, I thought I had already singed your g/b oh well. It's been cool tokin to you, your a pretty cool person, well anyhoo cya later and mind and sign my g/b
P.S.thought I would put in the less fast one lol
HA , im signing your g-bookie and theres nothing you can do about it HA HA !

I saw that you signed my guestbook,burn...yes,very clever,you always say that to me for some reason...

Here's my reply!

I really haven't contacted you in a while so I decided to sign your guest book!Sign mine soon and remember what Perfect Chaos says
I really need to get a new stamp....
I just read your profile and saw you love Homestar, that little whatever he is rawkz! PM me and we can talk about him, or other things, anyway, heres a stamp.

and remember.......

BArN3Y r0X Y0ur S0x 0fF 0lD §k00L §TYL3!!!!!11 Ł
Hi tommex. I had fun talkin' to ya.

Hope u like my stamp

Hey man big thanks your signature just helped me stumble across the dragonball forum i never new it existed on neo untill now big thanks to you and your sig lol.

If you get the chance man sign my g.book back will ya, see u around the DB forums!
Hi Tom. But you remember hearing that in maths. Anyway like your work in your digi port and i just made a stamp and i thought id stick it in your guestbook.

Heres My New Stamps
That I'm Gonna Give to my Neobro's ://

Heres My New Stamps That I'm Gonna Give to my Neobro's ://

[If they are samll then delete this fore me]
Thanks for telling me that it's free to be a member, otherwise, I would have been a guest for-ever for-ever....(fades away)
I finally remembered to sign your guestbook!
Sorry I didn't do it earlier
Oh well now it's done...
btw the banner no longer works...

I'm bored...

Can I get a cup of coffee?...

hey tommex, i don't know if i have sighed your guestbook before, if no i now sigh, anyway i wanna say thanks on making me the banner, so continue be active at neoseeker and have a nice day!!

my cool stamp:

stamped by
Thanks for the new stamp, anyway enjoy the new stamp.

Hope it shows up.